Your MLS guide to the ultimate people’s players of 2021 | J. Sam Jones

This is not the best XI, but it is a collection of players who, in a way, understand that football is a sport for the masses. And the masses want to be entertained by any necessary means.

This is a group that I ask you to watch so that we can really understand the depth of the human condition. Oh, and also watch the things of Nouhou. Actually mostly watching Nouhou.


An all-time member of the Laiki Group. The leader of the group of people, really.

Why; Because Ilsinho hates you.

Ilsinho hates you.

– J. Sam Jones has an MLS newsletter (@J_SamJones) January 25, 2020

Lewis Morgan

The best player last season in a team with names like Gonzalo Higuain, Rodolfo Pizzaro and Blaise Matuidi was this guy. And when you are this guy you go out there and surpass internationally famous friends while you do this…


Wow. 2-2. #MIAvNYC

– Major League Soccer (@MLS) October 4, 2020

… you will make the group of people.

Morgan also won eight assists, good for the fifth (tie) in the league. He just goes out and deals with every game. I’m glad I keep forcing you to love him until you see it for yourself.

Jose Martinez

I will never forget the moment when Jose Martinez jumped into our hearts and I decided to create a nice house with a single floor plan with office space, solid wood floors and healthy natural lighting.

The fun part of the noiseless crowd is that we all need to hear:

“Hello, JOSE SHOULD NOT !!!!”
* Martinez clashes with Moralez *
“* explores various in both English and Spanish from the Union bench *” # MLSisBack #NYCvPHI

– Tom Bogert (@tombogert) July 9, 2020

Since then, Martinez has become one of the 2020 MLS Signatories, playing a key role in Philadelphia running in the Supporters Shield. He received a solid seven yellow cards along the way, while he was the top five defensive midfielder in the league. Martinez does a lot to make you think he’s the crazy guy in the race without really being the crazy guy in the race. And that makes him a perfect defensive tool and player of the people.

You will notice that we are already in two players of the Union. Almost every time I do something like that, I just have to make a denial that I wanted to include almost the whole team. I have to avoid and choose from limited spaces and I really and truly hope that Jack Elliott forgives me and we can still play canasta and have unique and slightly disorienting body types together one day.

Tanner Tessmann

There is a hole in the heart of this group. We lost Big Bad Bryan, an important part of the culture and identity of the team. It has moved on to other things, but we will always have this:

The eme️🅱️🅱️ Meme

– FC Dallas (@FCDallas) March 15, 2021

So now we are looking at the horizon for a new FC Dallas meme to carry the banner. And it is a coincidence that he is very big, he can kick a goal in the 60 meters with both feet, he just made his first appearance in the US men’s national team and he has a famous godfather in Dabo Sweeney. This is the year of Tanner The Tank. Because it has to be. Because it has to be. Because we desperately want it to be.

– dayton (@ thfc_dg12) 23 November 2020

Julian Araujo

Not only is Araujo one of the league’s most talented players, not only does he do a great humanitarian job with the California Farmers, but he accepted the red card championship lead last season (2) and added six yellows for his problem. . WHICH works for the masses inside and outside the field. It is a triptych of probability.

Araujo has the opportunity to make another leap this year under Greg Vanney and you should root him out at all times.

Michael Baldisomo

A preferred choice by the good people at Extratime and a Vancouver Academy kid with a high upside down who flips when he scores. A top passer with decent defensive ability at midfield, he will be a favorite MLS nerd for years to come … if he is almost that much.

Sometimes I just sit at home spending time until the herd’s immunity saying “Baldisimo” over and over again.

Chris Mueller

A nickname like “Money Badger” AND a book club? That alone can put you on this list. But Mueller is also explosive, likeable, extremely productive, and somewhat makes #MotivationMonday content compelling. Along with Daryl Dike and Ruan (who receive the rating on this list), Mueller is an important reason for Orlando’s unexpected transformation into one of the league’s most exciting and enjoyable teams. Mueller has averaged goal contributions every 86 minutes last season and has the opportunity to confirm his status as one of, if not the best winger in the league this year.

Did I mention it has a book club?

Steve Clark

Remember this thing about Jose Martinez who excels by appearing like a crazy guy in the fight? Clark is actually that guy. Sometimes his goalkeeper takes a strategy that says “they will not be able to know what I am going to do if I do not”. And honestly it is beautiful. Especially when he gets out of it.

Just about every few games Clark has a moment when he alternately shouts “yes” and “no” over and over again. MLS, as an entertainment product, is better for that.

Cade Cowell

Large. Football. Human.

Are we sure San Jose Cade Cowell is 16 years old?

– USMNT only (@usmntonly) September 17, 2020

Cowell is 17 years old and is at the end of regular praise from his coaches and teammates. He can look at Matias Almeyda’s designs a little more this season and that should excite you. It can do such things:

Cade Cowell!

The 16-year-old net stands out in its first MLS start! 👏 #LAvSJ

– Major League Soccer (@MLS) 30 August 2020

Cowell joined the U.S. U-23 camp in January and is reportedly being monitored by FC Barcelona. Just the other day, Chris Wondolowski said: “I have trained [with him] only a few times, this is because I could not keep up with him. I’m certainly proud of the ethics of my work, but the work he put into this off – season, I’m extremely proud of him. “

Cowell is ready to break free sooner rather than later, and when you are a great football player with great potential, you will get people’s attention more often than not.

Nou Tolo

By that I mean Nouhou’s greatest champion, Sam Stejskal of The Athletic…

With each action of each game, players are faced with a set of options. Should they maintain possession with a square ball or try a low murder pass rate? Should they sit back and block a lane or fly into a challenge? Should they just avoid the beer that a rival fan might throw at them? Or should they play volleyball as Heineken returns to the Netherlands?

Most of the time, Nouhou chooses to play volleyball on this tall man.

He does not always make the safe choice, but he plays in a way that suggests that his main motivation is maximum enjoyment in every single moment. It is not that he does not want to win – he is often very intense – it is more that he is not afraid to choose the unconventional path in his attempt to get there. There is an authenticity to this approach that I find admirable. Nouhou may not always make the right choice, but he hardly ever makes the wrong one.

The real heroes of the people inspire poetry.

Dax McCarthy

Some days you are this Dax.

The quarantine is wonderful

– Dax McCarty (@ DaxMcCarty11) July 5, 2020

Some days you are this Dax.

We are smaller but cold-blooded. Start with a low block, but press our trigger to climb the field at a slow to moderate pace. He can do it perfectly on a cold, rainy night in Stoke.

– Dax McCarty (@ DaxMcCarty11) February 19, 2021

Some days you are this Dax.

And some days you are this Dax.

Important aspect of soccer tennis: spatial awareness. I have none. @NashvilleSC

– Dax McCarty (@ DaxMcCarty11) November 23, 2020

But we are all kind of Dax every day. And that makes us human.

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