Why You Need To Book Your Summer RV Trip Now Or Risk Missing Out

The “year of the RV” kicked off last summer when an unprecedented number of Americans chose to travel by motorhome, caravans and trailers as a way of social distance and remain in a safer “bubble” while hitting the road and enjoying the hustle and bustle.

Now, with vaccines on the rise, reducing travel restrictions, COVID-19 cases are declining across the United States and the one-year travel demand is about to be released, all indications are that the summer of 2021 is equally busy. , if not busier, on America’s freeways and freeways.

Indeed, the RV camping trend is not disappearing, says Jon Gray, CEO of RVShare, the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV market.

“Our business tripled by the end of last summer as people hit the road in record numbers to visit family and friends, take vacations to enjoy nature and new destinations and move around taking advantage of the “Work from anywhere,” he said. “This year, as vaccine distribution increases, even more people are willing to travel and continue to find RVs a relief option.”

RVShare surveyed more than 400 of its current customers in the Travel Sentiment survey and found that 83% of them are ready to pack their bags and travel in the coming months. A full 54 percent said they are unlikely to consider flying, and 67 percent are likely to consider traveling by RV this summer.

In addition, RVShare research revealed that almost half of consumers (45%) want to travel somewhere in nature, which has surpassed destinations such as beaches (20%) or large cities (2%).

All this adds to the many travelers looking to get to some of the country’s most popular national parks, state parks and scenic campsites, which means you’ll want to book a camping or caravan rental sooner rather than later.

That being said, if you are new to RV camping, do not let its popularity – or the advice to design as much as possible (which can be overwhelming) – prevent you from doing so this year! My husband and I went to the RVing band at the end of the summer and have never looked back.

We completed a 7-week adventure, returning from Colorado to Maine, on a Class A motorway, and another recent RV trip took us to five different states in the Southwest. Read on to find out why I think RVing is a great way to travel, along with some tips for planning a starting trip this summer.

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