Why Travelers Should Book Summer 2021 Vacations Now

The United States is almost ready to start the long-awaited increase in travel that will begin the recovery of the travel industry.

By the end of May, millions of vaccinated Americans could travel again. But who will lead the growth? What will summer look like for vaccinated Americans? And how can travelers get the cheapest flights when they are still unsure when they will be fully vaccinated or when they need to plan their trips?


Current trend

There are many reasons why travelers should consider summer travel planning and why it is important to book their summer travel now.

Currently, the highest group of Americans traveling is the elderly, most of whom have already been vaccinated. Those aged 73-92 make up the largest number of people booking flights, according to a Bank of America study.

There has also been greater travel optimism and travel bookings in places such as the United Kingdom and Israel, two countries that have been at the forefront of vaccination efforts. With two million vaccinations a day in the United States, America is on the verge of doing so.

A recent Gallup poll found that 60% of Americans believe the COVID-19 pandemic is improving, with the number of cases and hospitalizations declining since the beginning of the year.

There is also more time and money saved on vacation, which means more people can also travel economically. Scott’s Cheap Flights surveyed its two million members, 83% of whom said they planned to make two or more domestic trips in 2021 and 86% of whom planned to travel internationally.

To plan summer travel, do not delay booking your flights Book before May, when demand is likely to skyrocket. Another reason to book now is that all basic economy tickets booked by the end of March can be changed without penalty, while the change rates for the main economy and the higher ones have remained permanent.

“For travelers hoping to get a cheap flight this summer, now is the time to book,” said Scott Keyes Flight founder and chief flight expert Scott Keyes. “If you expect to book your summer flights by May, there are unlikely to be many cheap flights left.”

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