When Will or not it’s Protected to Travel Once more? Hear from our Consultants

Everyone who loves to explore the world has this pressing question in mind. Our experts weigh us.

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If you are currently experiencing a serious case of wandering, you are not alone. We all dream of going back and exploring again many wonderful countries of the world!

However, with the current Koran virus pandemic continuing, it is difficult to say exactly when the restrictions will begin to ease. We are all excited about the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, but we understand that it will take time to achieve extensive immunity. From December 2020, our travel industry experts predict that by the summer of 2021 we will see minimal restrictions and a sharp increase in travel again.

Some destinations are already open to tourism, and many people have chosen to enjoy a road trip a little closer to home. If you want to plan a safe and seamless trip on your own, here are some tips from our experts.

Is it safe to travel right now?

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To follow the current travel tips for your dream destination, take a look at the resources listed below. Our travel experts use them to determine where it is safe to travel at the moment, as well as to find relevant tips on how to stay safe when you are away from home.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is the national health agency of the United States and the best source of travel advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information on the CDC website is regularly updated and approved by scientists who specialize in infection control.

Mayo Clinic

This is another health-based tool that provides in-depth safety advice for coronaviruses for those considering traveling. You will find tips on whether it is safe for you to travel and how to stay safe during your trip, as well as information about current TSA regulations for those leaving or arriving in the US.

Open the EU again

Excited to explore Europe? The resumption of the EU allows you to view up-to-date travel information for each country in the region in 24 different languages. The site includes current data on rates of mumps infection, as well as quarantine tips and other travel restrictions.


Are you thinking of starting a road trip? Take a look at AARP for expert advice on how to safely plan a pandemic driving vacation, from mapping your route to staying healthy while on the road.


If UK is your vacation spot (or departure point), GOV.UK COVID-19’s travel advice page is worth a look. There you will find the latest information on any travel restrictions within the UK, as well as a regularly updated list of countries on the quarantine list in the region.

Travel safety tips

If you are planning travel plans for 2021, you can do the following:

Be flexible

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With any destination subject to ever-changing travel regulations, it is best to avoid booking a vacation that you cannot change or return. Instead, go with a company that allows some flexibility in your travel planning. Enchanting Travels’ FlexiBooking allows you to reschedule your trip for free or cancel with a full refund up to 30 days before departure (some exceptions apply).

Imagine your vacation again

Meteora monastyr, GreeceMeteora Monastery, Greece

Ever wanted to cruise in Antarctica? Is a holiday on the beach of Seychelles at the top of your travel button list? For now, it may be best to rethink your dream destination somewhere a little closer to home. U.S. citizens can experience a scenic snowy experience in Alaska or travel to Mexico for a dose of sunshine. Europeans can enjoy another cosmopolitan adventure in Iceland, or take a deep cultural dip in a sunny destination like Greece.

Consider a road trip

If flying seems like a big risk to you right now, consider a home vacation instead. There are dozens of amazing road trips you can make in the United States that allow you to explore new territory and enjoy some incredible experiences. Take a look at Utah’s Unahed Routing Sample to see tips for the best places to explore and stay. We also provide road trips for you in Canada, Australia and the UK!

Narrows to Zion National Park, Utah USAUtah CoverageA young couple enjoying the beautiful sunrise at Mount Caputar in New South Wales, AustraliaCulinary AustraliaThe best of ScotlandThe best of the Yukon

If you travel, remember to stay safe!

No matter where you travel, remember to keep yourself and others safe by wearing a face mask, maintaining a proper social distance, and disinfecting your hands whenever possible. If you would like more advice on when it would be safe to travel again or have questions about safety for a particular destination, contact our travel experts today.

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