What Is Moon Mapping? Use the Moon’s eight Phases to Information Your Life

When it comes to astrology, the sun gets a lot of love, but the moon has more control over our lives than we often realize. Every 29.5 days, the moon completes a complete cycle. Each phase, from the new moon to the full moon, represents a different point in the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Whether or not we know all of these waxing and fading crescents, the moon’s monthly journey affects our personalities, our prospects, and our lives. By knowing the four main phases of the moon and the four intermediate stages, we can awaken a new understanding of ourselves and its power.

In astrology, the moon rules the sphere of subconscious (and sometimes conscious) emotions – the part of ourselves that we often cannot express, but feel on a deep and psychic level. The sign of your moon, or the point and position of the moon when you were born, dictates what your inner self needs. But the changing face of the moon in the world also affects you on a regular, more tangible basis.

Why is the moon so influential? Think of it this way: The moon controls the tides of the ocean and we are made of 60% water. We can feel the trailers and its movement in everyday life.

As a result, the mapping of the moon – or the process of deliberate action according to the lunar cycle – can guide our daily decisions. Each lunar phase is believed to emit a different energy and we can harness this energy through daily life. Representing the principles and ends, the energy of the new moon is very different from the energy of the Full Moon.

The Book of the Moon by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Moon Power by Simone Butler

Moon Power by Simone Butler

As the moon encourages us to look inward, moon mapping is especially important for indoor work. Use the power of the moon by setting intentions or guiding goals and principles in each lunar cycle. During the new moon, make a list of what you want to attract – and during the full moon, what you want to leave. Lunar magazines, which provide reflex prompts over time, are especially useful.

“Using the active changes of the Moon as a blueprint for designing our goals will help us manifest our best lives.”

Using the active changes of the Moon as a blueprint for planning our goals will help us manifest our best lives. After all, whether we know it or not, we are all crazy (which originally meant moon lovers) deeply.

Read below for an analysis of the astrological significance of the eight phases of the moon and how they affect us. To create your own moon map, take a look at the lunar calendar to find out when the lunar phases are going to take place.

all phases of the moon in a clear dark sky

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New Moon (also called the Dark Moon)

What is this? The New Moon is the first lunar phase of the moon – and the easiest to miss. During this phase, the moon comes between the sun and the earth and seems to disappear. This is because the moon’s shadow sees the earth, making the moon invisible.

How can I harness his energy? The New Moon is a new beginning and a new beginning. Each New Moon, you may want to take the time to set some personal intentions about what you want to manifest and accomplish in the next one month cycle. Some examples; Earn more money by starting a new relationship (or improving an old one) or bringing a burst of energy to work. Now is the time to visualize what we want to achieve, either on the pages of a diary or on a whiteboard. Or, note the findings in your lunar journal.

Crescent candle

crescent candle

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What is this? The crescent candle appears after the New Moon. During this phase, the moon appears as a slit of a crescent.

How can I harness his energy? Now that we have decided what we want to manifest and add to our lives under the New Moon, it is time to work towards these intentions. The Waxing Crescent Moon offers a boost of hope and positivity as we begin our cycle goals. Embrace the dreams you imagined for yourself. During the crescent candle, meditate on your desires.

First Wednesday Moon

Low angle view of the moon against the clear sky at night, st george, Utah, United States, USA

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What is this? During the first quarter of the Moon, the crescent moon lights up. In the Northern Hemisphere, the right half is light, while the left half remains dark.

How can I harness his energy? With the first quarter of the Moon, we are able to take action in realizing the intentions of the New Moon. Translation? Now is the time to make decisions. Use the momentum of the phase to overcome any resistance we may encounter along the way. We can add and change things that need to be modified with the intentions of the New Moon. The universe allows us to make changes according to our lifestyle and needs.

Moon hair removal

waxed moon

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What is this? This phase occurs two weeks after the New Moon. The living light of the Moon expands and is almost full.

How can I harness his energy? We can improve and clarify our ideas in this lunar phase. Assessing our situations and discussing our emotions is a key focus now, as we look inward and figure out what we need to change in our lives. Reading positive daily affirmations will give us the confidence to evolve and transform during the Full Moon.

Full moon

preface to supermoon

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What is this? This illumination occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon. The moon is at its maximum here.

How can I harness his energy? Full moons illuminate everything around us – even our intuition. The brightness of the Full Moon allows us to see situations and relationships from a clearer perspective. Usually, Full Moons is a moment to let go and release. Now is your chance to break the habits, get rid of bad situations and focus on healing. There are many rituals associated with the Full Moon, such as the charging of crystals and the relaxing bath for relaxation and flow with the universe. After all, we honor the Moon and all its glory now.

One last note: Interpersonal relationships can become more intense during this lunar phase. More than not, relationships can evolve and develop if both parties are willing to leave behind past issues and conflicts. We can start again under a full moon if we are willing to change.

Exhausted moon

faded moon seen from the southern hemisphere

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What is this? Immediately after the Full Moon, the moon begins to dim.

How can I harness his energy? We are over half the cycle of the moon. How far did we reach our intentions on the New Moon? Waning Gibbous Moon is a time for reckoning – including reviewing these intentions and taking stock. Expressing gratitude is necessary now. Try to write a letter to the universe and gain your power.

Last Moon

Red Moon

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What is this? Sometimes called the Third Trimester, the crescent moon lights up during this lunar phase – the opposite of the First Trimester Moon.

How can I harness his energy? Think of this last quarter of the Moon as a lunar “spring cleansing.” Time to clean up what no longer serves us, whether it’s heavy workloads, toxic relationship dynamics, or even those sweaters we never wear. We are approaching the realization that we have released in order to evolve. And yes, now is the time to clean our homes. Give our minds a final cleansing through regular meditation. If you are looking for justice, this is the time when karma will come in full swing. Cutting cables from bad habits can be effective if done during this lunar phase.

Waning Crescent Moon (also called Balsamic Moon)

waning crescent rises early in the morning

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What is this? The moon returned to be a slit, with only a crescent visible from the left.

How can I harness his energy? This is the last lunar phase before a new cycle begins. Therefore, it is a time when we need to be calm and peaceful. Instead of pushing ourselves to the limit, we need to rest, focus and meditate. Find peace before you start the new journey that comes in a few days.

Now that we have completed the entire lunar cycle, we can look back at the highs and lows of recent weeks to understand the lessons that the moon has brought to our attention. At the end of the moon cycle, take a crystal bath with flowers and Epsom salt. Get ready, because we are going to start the lunar journey again.

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