Welcome: a guide for Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa holders in the UK

Information on arrivals from Hong Kong with the British National (Overseas) visa

This page is designed for those who have recently arrived in the UK from Hong Kong, or are applying to move to the UK as part of a Hong Kong British Overseas (BN (O)) visa.

The UK Government provides advice and guidance to people living in the UK on how to access services provided by or on behalf of the government. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Information on services may vary depending on the country of residence in the United Kingdom.

To help Hong Kong BN (O) settle into the life of the UK, a Welcome Pack, welcomed by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government, was developed. This gives you a step-by-step guide to more details on how to access the public services available to you – from what you need to do to find a job, register yourself and your family with a doctor or find school for children.

Welcome package for arrivals from Hong Kong with British National (Overseas) visa

How to Apply for a National Insurance (NI) Number

To work in the UK, you will need a National Insurance number.

You can start working without a National Insurance number if you can prove that you are eligible to work in the UK.

Career advice and support

You can get career advice and support from the National Career Service.

Starting a business in the UK

Learn more about how to start a business in the UK.

British Business Bank is the UK development bank. Offers advice and support to small businesses in the UK, including help with finding suitable financing options. In partnership with partners it also offers start-up loans and free consulting advice to start-ups. You should also check out the online business center of British Business Bank.

There are several other organizations that will help you start a business. These include Local Growth Hubs (UK only) or chambers of commerce to help you finance and grow your business. You can find a list of them in your area regarding the financing and support of your business

Housing – how to rent

A Guide To How To Rent A Property In England.

Housing – buying a house

A guide is for people thinking of buying a home.

How to create a bank account

You can learn how to open a UK bank account by visiting the Citizens Advice website.

Child care

You could receive free babysitting hours when your child is 2 to 4 years old.

Choice of school

If you are settling in England and have a child aged 5 but under 16, you must ensure that they receive full-time education. You should contact your local council to find state-funded schools in your area and admission criteria.

Information on the rights of foreign children to enter the UK to access a school in England can be found at school admissions: applications for children abroad.

Further education

For more information on further education, which includes any post-secondary study that is not part of higher education.

Higher education

Information on UK study options and the application process is available through the British Council.


The United Kingdom European Network Information Center (UK ENIC) provides expert advice from the UK Government on the comparability of international qualifications, including those from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. UK ENIC has conducted research on comparable levels of years prior to the full completion of the HKDSE and is therefore able to issue Comparability Statements, despite the fact that formal exit qualifications have not been completed, to help schools and colleges in A level enrollment and funding exemptions 16-19.

Further education and training for adults

You will have access to further education and training, including English language courses funded through the Adult Education Budget (AEB), if you meet the published eligibility criteria, including the normal 3-year residency requirement. The AEB financing rules set out the general eligibility and residency criteria. Education and training will be fully funded or co-financed (approximately 50% state contribution) depending on your age, previous achievement and circumstances.

English learning aid

You can take private English lessons if you wish to pay a fee through the British Council.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The UK Government COVID-19 advice website has information on the vaccination schedule and how to report symptoms and how to isolate yourself at home. It also describes the current rules about what you can do during the Koranic pandemic and guidance on social distance.

If you arrive in the UK from a Red List country, you must be quarantined at a government-approved hotel for ten days upon arrival.

Reservation of vaccination with mumps

Information on vaccination booking with measles. The vaccine will be offered and available free of charge to all residents of the United Kingdom. You do not need to register for GP surgery or have an NHS number to receive the vaccine.

How to enroll in a General Practitioner (GP)

Anyone can enroll in a doctor (doctor) surgery. You do not need proof of address or immigration status.

Victim of crime

To report a crime to the police, you must call 101 or 999 in an emergency. Get free support and advice if you have been a victim of crime. You should report any hate crimes and hate crimes related to Covid.

Decentralized administrations

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Information on services may vary depending on the country of residence in the United Kingdom.

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