‘Violence. Speed. Momentum.’ by Dr Disrespect is a Best Selling Minecraft Guide

Dr. Disrespect is undoubtedly one of the most well-known figures in the world of streaming. Two-Time has been on stage for a long time and has had unchanged popularity from the beginning. He has seen his share of glory during his career, as well as some of its darkest days. With a career as long as he’s, he must have had some very interesting stories to tell. Recently, Doc released his first book, a memoir that incorporates his journey as one of the most iconic names in the streaming circuit.

His book, “Violence. Speed. Momentum. It contains some of the most intimate details of Doc’s life and career. Written in the voice of Doc, this book is truly an enjoyable read. In the book, he follows the form of superhero movies and takes a position by providing three origin stories about himself, each in a different dimension. And this is just one of the many fakes you can find in this book.

Dr. Disrespect dedicates most of his recent flows to his book. In such a recent stream, Doc discovered something strange and hilarious at the same time. He just discovered that his book is, in fact, one of the best Minecraft guides out there. Or at least that’s what Amazon says.

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‘Violence. Speed. Momentum ‘, Dr. Disrespect’s memoirs, is, in fact, one of the best Minecraft guides

Two-time, to his surprise, recently discovered that his memoir is currently available on Amazon under the Minecraft Guides category. In addition, he is also the # 3 best-seller in the category. The iconic streamer also posted a clip of his discovery on Twitter.

While this is obviously a mistake on Amazon, we have to admit, it’s pretty funny. Much more because Doc has nothing to do with Minecraft, nor does he stream this game like Pewds and others.

Minecraft drivers may be absolutely necessary for people with a penchant for innovation. However, if you stumble upon this while looking for one, we suggest you do it anyway. You will not regret it!

‘Violence. Speed. Momentum ‘, Dr. Disrespect’ s autobiography, has already broken sales records within weeks of its release. This book was intended to be a kind of Holy Grail for its fans, as it contains some of the “deepest, most intimate secrets” of Two-Time’s career. According to the man himself, this book tells “the untold story of his mysterious, legendary origins and his rise to unparalleled dominion. And above all, you will learn exactly what Doc Doctor is. “

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