Vaccines and Travel: What You Need to Know

Proof of vaccination on a cruise ship may also be required: The Royal Caribbean requires passengers 16 years and older to be vaccinated for the maiden voyage of the May Odyssey, which departs from Israel – much of the world vaccinations – and sail the Mediterranean. Virgin Voyages, Crystal Cruises and other cruises have also announced vaccination requirements for all passengers and crew.

The idea of ​​proof of vaccination as a travel requirement is not new. Some countries require travelers to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The World Health Organization, for its part, denies the idea of ​​Covid-19 vaccine certifications for greenlight travel.

“Vaccination is simply not available around the world and it is certainly not available on a fair basis,” said Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, during a press conference earlier this month.

In short: fewer people, a lot of cleanliness and, most likely, scale amenities.

The hotel industry started last year. The latest forecast from the American Hotel & Lodging Association predicts that half of domestic hotel rooms will remain vacant this year, with employment in the industry hovering around 500,000 below pre-academic levels.

The report also found that 62% of consumers consider cleanliness to be one of the top factors when choosing a hotel. Last year, all major chains and most of the independents introduced new health and safety guidelines that are still valid today when businesses start: enhanced cleaning and disinfection, social distance, mask commands and, depending on the situation and local restrictions, capacity limits and pared-back services such as food, spa and babysitting. Many hotel companies, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG, also offer contactless digital check-in and checkout. Some have also introduced natural door “seals” – an indication that no one has entered a room since it was last cleaned.

Vacation rental companies have also revised their standards. Airbnb guests and hosts must wear masks when interacting personally, and hosts must complete a five-step cleaning process – which includes detailed instructions on how to use approved disinfectants – between stays.

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