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Government messages have been criticized by industry for delaying summer bookings

Pierce told the BBC News Channel: “There is nothing to stop people from booking a trip and they will be well protected if they book through a travel agent. There is every opportunity for people to book their vacation. “

Peris challenged the idea that the travel ban had been extended. “It is not. The Travel Task Force will report on April 12. As it happens, there is no international travel until May 17 at the earliest.

“The legislation that has been passed allows this fine of £ 5,000 and these regulations will be in force until the end of June, but they could be canceled earlier, so there is an opportunity for people to plan their summer vacation.”

However, he acknowledged headlines that the fines could prevent the trip from resuming.

“It’s a barrel that creates potentially useless headlines for an industry that is already under the vehicle,” he said.

Other commentators have similar views, with Sunvil president Noel Josephides accusing the government of a coordinated attack on the industry.

He told The Independent: “The public is scared. Reservations have just stopped completely. It leads us to feel that this was orchestrated to prevent people from being detained, which means that as an industry, we do not know what capacity to put.

“I think the government should be behind it. It seems completely unnecessary… when everyone knows that travel is not allowed until May 17. “

Health Minister Matt Hancock told Sky News the first date on which people could travel – May 17 – “has not changed”.

“Questions about whether people will be able to travel abroad this summer will be addressed by the Global Travel Taskforce, which reports on April 12,” he said.

However, Advantage Travel Partnership CEO Julia Lo Bue-Said said: “Today’s titles are a complete confusion for consumers and businesses operating in the travel industry.”

He acknowledged that the deadline for May 17 had not changed, but added: “What has changed is the government’s provision to extend the Coronavirus bill so that it can extend legal activity until July if necessary. Confused; “

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