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Traveling is fun but not easy, you may know how to travel, but where and what to do is the expected question and such questions are resolved by Travel Bloggers. One of these traveler bloggers who gives a graphic picture of the trip is Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio. What makes this wanderer different from the others is his unparalleled passion for travel.

Abdul began his journey on the road at the age of 23. He has traveled to various countries and plans to explore more and more. His passion for travel is unstoppable. Abdul took his first step to Mexico as a solo traveler. His absolute passion for touring and exploring has led him to 3 continents and 140 cities. Abdul says the words travel and culture have become synonymous with respect.

Born and raised in the Philippine city of Zamboanga, Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio became a random travel blogger with a former patent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Abdul launched his first travel website,, which was later scrapped in 2019 when he was stuck in the Puluama incident in Kashmir. To make backups, he started a new blog called where he started sharing his travel experience. Abdul has excellent writing and public speaking skills that make his audience stick to his blogs.

Talking about blogging, Hafiz says, “I think I always have a voice, but my blog has given me a platform to inspire others. Our world needs storytellers who can offer such unique stories. Having been on a trip to Kashmir or Punjab for example, people’s unique stories can change the way we are used to believing things negatively and if we travel influences can create content that is worth reading, the Our world will be better. “

Abdul lists his fascinating journeys with a wonderful excerpt from “Journey Without Borders”. His blogs are uniquely expressed in a way that leads viewers to a whole new world.

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