Travel Retail Awards 2021: Entries now open

The deadline for participation in the 2021 Travel Retail Awards voted by the consumer is Sunday 23 May.

TRBusiness is pleased to announce that the Consumer Voted Travel Retail Awards 2021 are officially open and registrations are now accepted by clicking here.

Companies vying to win the unique consumer-voted award for their category can submit their nominations by Sunday, May 23rd.

As announced, The awards ceremony will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 28 September in Cannes during the TFWA World’s Fair & Conference.

Submissions for product awards will remain at £ 245 per entry (frozen). All airport, cruise and flight prizes will remain free. Details on the entry criteria, terms and conditions can be found at the Travel Retail Awards website.


The 2021 Travel Retail Awards voted by the consumer will take place again in collaboration with the leading Swiss research organization m1nd-set.

Each product entered in the awards will be submitted and evaluated by a team of more than 5,000 travel buyers, coming from the unique m1nd-set international database.

The products are also reviewed by a team of international travel bloggers and video bloggers, with a wide range of experiences with each other.

The blogger / vlogger board will have the added advantage that it can touch, feel and experience each product for itself before judging.

The results generated by the m1nd-set database will represent 70% of the total score for each product, while the scores awarded by bloggers and vloggers will represent 30%.

The products must either already exist in the retail travel environment or are planned to be released immediately to the industry. Previously entered products at the awards can be re-introduced

The “Best Sustainable Airport, Airline and Cruise Retail” award, meanwhile, extends the “Green” award category to any company working in retail travel stores (airports, airlines or cruise companies). Submissions for the “Best Sustainable Airport, Airline and Cruise Retail” award will be free. This award is only for airline, airline and cruise companies and their respective retailers or F&B partners.

Also the new Travel Retail Awards in 2021 is the “Best Sustainable Supplier” award. This will appear between product awards.

Peter Mohn, CEO of m1nd-set commented: “We are very pleased to be working with TRBusiness for the fourth consecutive year. The feedback from all the companies has been consistently extremely satisfactory since we participated in the awards in 2018.

“Despite the Covid pandemic, travelers are still actively looking for innovative products when shopping at airports and are definitely attracted to award-winning brands,” Mohn continued.

“Our research shows that consumers are 22% more likely to buy a product labeled ‘Finalist’ and 31% more likely to buy a product labeled ‘Finalist’. – Voted by Shoppers »”

Nigel Hardy and Janice Hook, Co-Owners and CEOs, TRBusiness believe that the industry needs to be more active than ever in presenting award-winning products and services to customers who have not traveled for a significant amount of time.

Nigel Hardy and Janice Hook, Co-Owners and CEOs of TRBusiness, added: “The industry needs to be more active than ever before to present its award-winning products and services to travelers.

“A significant percentage of travelers in the coming weeks and months will not have traveled for a long time.

“They will be much more sensitive to brands that carry award-winning labels, especially when they are voted on by peers – the consumer traveler, as well as the Travel Retail Awards voted by the consumer.

“We encourage all retailers to ensure that buyers are fully aware of all the finalists and award winners voted on by consumers. We look forward to seeing a large number of new entrants for the 2021 edition. “

All participants in the 2021 Global Travel Retail Awards will automatically enroll in 2022 Retail Travel Awards: Asia-Pacific.

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