Top 10 Influential Women on Instagram in 2021

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The top 10 most influential women on Instagram in 2021

Los Angeles, California, March 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Since its inception ten years ago, Instagram has been a fun and engaging platform for connecting and interacting with the public. Through vivid images and profound captions, people have found a productive social outlet that creates contemporary influence. It’s hard to think of influence without Instagram and many bloggers, brands, experts and professionals have created communities on Instagram, fueling positivity and brainstorming. With over one billion users, the platform shows no signs of slowing down.

Two thousand and twenty proved to be a monumental year for Instagram, as audiences and brands rallied in the digital space in the light of the COVID 19 pandemic. With record increases, momentum continues to make Instagram a key element of our communication practices. It all has to do with influence, and some digital entrepreneurs are indeed going their own way as the new year progresses. With 2021 rapidly gaining speed, these are the top ten most influential women on Instagram. In no particular series, these women are charming in the digital sense and beyond.

Ignore Lennox

Fitness expert, mom, fashion blogger and co-founder of Mazi Dance fitness Ziba Lennox @zibalennox covers everything from wellness to the gym, fashion and beauty to the women she admires. “As mothers we have to put ourselves first for a while so that we can return to second place in serving our families, self-care is critical,” says Ziba. “What started out as a way to connect with the online dance community has become a lifestyle brand that empowers women, as well as the fitness business.” Between the juggling demands of motherhood, the fitness business and the social media brand, Ziba is proving that anything is possible through a mind-body connection.

Katie Williamson

Cathy Williamson @themiddlepageblog is over 50 fashion bloggers focusing on middle-aged women, giving them confidence and inspiration. A mother, grandmother and breast cancer survivor, Cathy’s refreshing content represents a special but powerful position for women. “I started blogging because there were no bloggers over the age of 50,” Cathy explains. “We deserve to be represented and I like being able to empower women at this stage of life.” Proving that age is just a number, Cathy’s blog takes women to the beginning of their lives.

Cleo Pillon

A Brazilian entrepreneur and a versatile professional who has always been curious and eager to expand her horizons, Cleo Pillon @cleopillon shares all the skin care things with extensive knowledge and research behind it. A successful beautician, Cleo uses her Instagram to share techniques, products and practices that work. “Living a full life means taking care of ourselves as well,” says Cleo. “When we feel good, we look good and I think I positively affect the trust of others. Grateful and confident, Cleo is an established beauty expert.

Nancy Chris

Nancy Cress @nancyannfit is a mom of two boys and a fashion and fitness blogger who took her skills as a social media event coordinator and never looked back. “I started sharing my health and fitness journey on Instagram in 2016, eventually competing in three bodybuilding competitions,” says Nancy. “The response I received was overwhelming and I knew I could create a space for women to come together.” Believing that women should empower other women, Nancy uses Instagram and her start-up business to help women on their personal well-being journeys.

Brie Berget

Globetrotter and adventure seeker Brie Burgett @thebrieadventure is a captain in the United States Marine Corps who is thriving on the next challenge. Brie is passionate about traveling and breaking down limiting beliefs by helping others achieve their goals. “I am constantly inspired by the dedication and trust of others to break the mold,” says Brie. After posting her travels on Instagram, Brie started her own blog, offering helpful tips and ideas so others could do the same. “I think it’s important to start today,” Brie explains. “No matter where you are, start by taking the first step towards fitness, travel or other goals.”

Liz Dean

Family, travel, flowers and postpartum Liz Dean @lizdean really loves helping others succeed. What started as a passion project after the birth of her first son exploded into a full-fledged community of mothers seeking friendship and support. “I was on my phone more than usual and immediately thought about how I could support other women in my shoes,” Liz explains. “It was a wonderful experience and I have made many important connections.” Through connectivity and positivity, Liz continues to blog and use Instagram as a starting point for engaging content.

Jennifer Warman

Jennifer Worman @redsolesandredwine is a self-starter who started her blog to meet new friends when she relocated to Chicago. “I always thought you were the CEO of your own life and I create content that inspires and encourages women who are driven,” says Jennifer. “There is a world of opportunity on the Internet. Do not hesitate to follow it.” An unmarried mother who loves family, travel, food, planning and wine Jennifer believes that a wonderful life is just a decision away. Jennifer argues that we need to focus on ourselves, occupying the lives we deserve to have.

Amanda Ivaneli

Amanda Ivanelli @aivanelli is the creator behind LUXEmamablog, a site full of fashion, home decor, fitness and lifestyle tips for busy moms on the go who want to make their dreams come true. Amanda started writing as a way out of the demands of motherhood and the project started from there. “I was one of the first to have an open public profile and I used Instagram as a creative store,” says Amanda. “As I optimized the hashtags and worked with small boutiques, I saw my audience grow into a community.” With a strong watch, Amanda helps other women make their dreams come true.

Laura Findock

Fashion stylist and personal shopper Laura Fedock @lifestylebylaura sees fashion as a way to show off your personality and embrace individuality. “Since a client has been married for several years and has children, it can be difficult for mom to find time to focus on herself,” says Laura. “I help women regain the trust they may have lost over the years due to family responsibilities and / or demanding careers.” Recently appeared on VoyageDallas, Laura approaches fashion as a therapeutic and fun store, helping every customer look and feel amazing. “Fashion is not completely superficial,” says Laura. “Fashion is a tool used to help every customer reach the highest possible level of trust and success.”

Michelle Kimberly

Michelle Kimberlee @michellekimberlee is a fitness, beauty and lifestyle blogger who reveals a glimpse of what is possible when you live life to the fullest. Initially launching her Instagram page to share photos of the modeling, Michelle turned her into a round blog when she realized that her audience wanted to see more of her lifestyle. “My mom inspired me in so many ways, because she was a thief, and always helping others in any way she could. Her cut made me see life so differently. I make sure to make the most of everyday life, to live do my best and become the best person I can be, “says Michelle.

Trail blazers paving the way from motherhood to fashion, the journey to the gym, these women prove that 2021 is just the beginning for the influential who are not afraid to make their mark in this world.

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