Tiffany Rose Tighlman’s newly released “IMperfect” is a great guide towards spiritual growth within a wonderful journey of holiness and truth

“Incomplete: An Inspirational Guide to the Highway of Holiness”: a well-written manuscript that holds spiritual inspiration and challenging truths that will equip God’s children to see His gracious goodness clearly. “Incomplete: An Inspirational Guide to the Highway of Holiness” is the creation of published author Tiffany Rose Tighlman, a full-time mother who worked as a preschool teacher. Now, she uses her talent in singing, dancing, modeling, directing, writing, and the gift of prophecy to promote the body of Christ, to encourage, elevate, inspire, and love others.

Tighlman shares: “Take a spiritual journey on the highway of holiness as you drive from the word of God to the inspired guide, Incomplete. Challenge your beliefs and increase your knowledge of the truth as the Holy Spirit refreshes your mind to change the way you view humanity. God created everyone perfectly to serve his purpose in order to receive all the glory. Learn how to think more positively about who you truly are in the eyes of our Almighty Lord. Develop your relationship with God and others by learning how to love as God loves you. The imperfect will take you to new levels, overcoming popular beliefs and breaking down religious barriers. Explore the possibilities in the Bible to gain a new perspective on the life God has given you. To be restored and reconciled to God, as the truth liberates you mentally, so that you can be one with God in mind, heart, spirit and body. Imperfect will show you how to expand your vision and help you see more clearly who God has appointed for you. “After reading this book, you will be inspired by God to share the treasure you discover to change the lives of those around you and to trust that God will do what He can do.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tiffany Rose Tighlman’s new book is a mind-clearing creation containing pages of inspiration and courage to seek faith growth. This book will really help every Christian to travel.

Watch a synopsis of “Imperfect: An Inspirational Guide to the Highway of Holiness” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase the “Imperfect: An Inspirational Guide on the Highway of Holiness” at traditional bookstores, or online at, the Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or questions about “Imperfect: An Inspirational Guide to the Highway of Holiness,” contact Christian Faith Publishing at 866-554-0919.

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