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Sri Lanka’s destination is high in the minds of the global travel community as a “hotspot” full of incredible variety of attractions far beyond its graceful proportions. It is literally comparable to the resources of a huge continent, all packed into a small land with the added benefit of an incredible history, culture and heritage spanning 2500 years.

History tells us that our smallest island is the most enchanting wonderland on the planet that has constantly attracted explorers, emperors, conquerors and not even resist the computers of merchants walking the Silk Road, who suddenly got high on the path of spices. Since then, Sri Lanka has been flooded with travelers to our gateway, who are attracted for more than one reason.

They come here – one of the world’s top destinations in Asia – to explore vibrant natural and cultural diversity, scenic locations and exotic wildlife in their natural environment. Sri Lanka is world famous for its 365 days of sunshine, golden beaches, scenic locations, lush scenery, exotic wildlife and compact with all the gifts of nature.

All this can be experienced in one day, making the destination 365 days, providing the best experiences all year round. Easily accessible to get to one destination from another and the intense variety of locations make Sri Lanka one of the most sought after and popular destinations for a flawless travel experience.

With its romantic setting and history book setting, Sri Lanka is a popular destination for wedding ceremonies. With four natural harbors, Sri Lanka also offers an unrivaled tourist destination.

When the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, tourism in Sri Lanka and around the world stopped. Stakeholders in the economy and industry, both large and small, have been hit hard. They tended to restrict tourism-related activities due to frequent locks, travel bans and health restrictions. Tourist arrivals have declined and the entire tourism industry around the world has faced a greater challenge than ever before.

We feel strongly that as soon as the anxiety of the Koranic pandemic disappears and the airports open their gates to let the travel community escape, they will reach our destination. It may be a long wait until the signs of the times are over. Sri Lankan tourism analyzes that this pandemic tranquility has its silver opportunities. Sri Lankan tourism has wisely decided to stay on top, with precautionary action, doubly ensuring that the Post COVID Tourism perspective is certainly in Sri Lanka’s favor.

During the current global pandemic, Social Media has been used more openly as a tool for the tourism industry to keep in touch with potential travelers worldwide, creating wandering.

Social Media has increased its usage by more than 50% in the last 5-6 months during the global pandemic. Users are now looking for things to do, places to visit in the aftermath of the pandemic, safer travel destinations and most importantly, looking for travel inspiration.

During this critical period, Virtual and Creative Content (UGC) is expected to create authentic personal experiences of a travel brand, which rely heavily on future travel decisions. Travel Influencers play a key role in providing more realistic travel-inspired information and travel information to support decision making.

Validation by International Travel Influencers offers greater security and motivation to travelers when choosing a suitable travel destination to explore with friends, relatives, family, loved ones or even solo.

Sri Lanka Tourism has outsourced travel bloggers, who have been outsourced to the Travel Influencer Program with a strong Social Media, following key markets around the world. To support real facts. This campaign is expected to eliminate any travel hesitation and footsteps in choosing the island as a preferred, safe travel destination, as soon as the doors open for international tourist arrivals.

Numerous promotional International Travel Trips have been launched covering various geographical locations of the island, such as Jaffna, Central Highlands, Anuradhapura, the lesser-known province of Sabaragamuwa (Belihuloya) and suburban Colombo. These programs present rich diversity and less efficient beauty locations in Sri Lanka, with warm hospitality.

Sri Lanka Tourism hosted Travel You Tuber and US-based Blogger Johnny Jens, who runs his channel as @Johnny FD. His channel audience with significant numbers comes from the US, UK, Australia and Germany and his posts on YouTube and other social media platforms have generated several views from around the world. It maintains a fan base dedicated to exploring and exploring Sri Lanka’s hitherto rare and acoustic attractions.

In his video, Johnny said: “It’s extremely safe to travel to Sri Lanka and more than that, I was lucky to see some of the really cool places I never expected in Sri Lanka, like the grape vineyards at Up North-Jaffna in Misty Mountains in the Central Highlands “.

Looking back, the SLTPB-Visiting Blogger Program, since its inception, has hosted over 150 Travelers (also known as #slbloggers) and Content Makers covering all major inbound source markets. During the lock-up, Sri Lankan tourism collaborated with these influencers and encouraged the re-creation of various social media posts in Sri Lanka to maintain the visibility and popularity of the destination as a safe and exciting holiday destination taken into account after the pandemic has passed.

In an effort to stay open, the Sri Lankan Tourism Launch launched an aggressive Travel Influencer Campaign in February 2020, welcoming 27 international travel bloggers and content creators from seven major countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Norway. Switzerland, Canada and the USA, which have literally set fire to the travel interests of their audience worldwide through Social Media. Sri Lankan tourism intends to keep this flame alive through strategic online communications.

The Influencer team included the first Blogger family trips hosted on Sri Lanka Tourism’s Blogger Guest Program. Their arrival here proved to be a strong point for securing and approving the scope of the security measures set and to be followed by the Sri Lankan authorities. good enough to convince thriving Family Bloggers with millions of followers on Social Media, bringing their kids to Sri Lanka, to literally test their skills against the huge variety of tourist attractions and toe to toe on the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka Lanka.

This selected segment of influences has been selected to create authentic reasons to influence global travelers, turning their testimonials into a true holiday experience in tropical Sri Lanka.

Together, these combined travel influences have generated more than 540 posts on various travel blogs and popular social media platforms during the COVID 19 pandemic shutdown on the world stage. They have reached up to 6 million global species. Their estimated total commitments have been estimated at a whopping 2,590,000 as of August 10, 2020. The total commercial value of this combined promotion is equivalent to LKR 30 million.

Realizing the strategic importance of maintaining visibility within the selected circle of the global travel community and taking Sri Lanka seriously as a safe travel option once the world travel situation has recovered, the Sri Lankan Blogger Visitor Program (VBP) continues to various Promotional Destinations Campaigns that work with them.

As a post-COVID recovery campaign with #SLbloggers (in relation to Travel Content Reconstruction) Travel agents from many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, Canada, India, etc. offered their support by supporting and proposing Destination Sri Lanka to their audience as the most preferred destination to visit for an exciting post-pandemic travel experience.

Awareness of the New Regular Destination Sri Lanka Tourism has designed a social media-focused promotional video for COVID Destination Promotional to promote Sri Lanka as a “Fun and Safe” destination for the global public. ready to start as soon as the country announces the resumption for international tourists. It will be shared on all platforms Social Media, International Travel Influencers, Digital Media, industry organizations that send a clear global message “It is still fun and safe to travel to Sri Lanka”.

Plans are underway to launch an exclusive content-based Sri Lankan tourism content campaign targeting key source markets for Sri Lanka, including the United Kingdom, Europe and other major source markets, such as Australia, India, USA etc. Lanka tourism is expected to gain collective support from leading travel agents, especially those who have visited Sri Lanka in the past and those who are able to recreate new Sri Lankan travel content to millions of their global audience.

Sri Lankan tourism is committed to ensuring that when the Post COVID season arrives in the world, this beautiful plentiful destination remains just above the to-do list. They are passionate about keeping this traveler’s desire on fire until pandemic tornadoes pass over the planet, sooner or later, safely opening the floodgates to an influx of months-long world travelers locked in their aspiring millions in their warm hearts. of Sri Lanka, the safe haven of the world.

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