Silk pillowcase benefits: 3 women on what sleeping on a silk pillowcase did for their hair, skin and sleep

The benefits of the silk pillowcase – including softer skin, less frizzy hair and fewer wrinkles – have long been recognized by beauty experts. But how do claims accumulate when tested?

Given that we spend decades of our lives sleeping, it is important to understand how pillows can affect the quality of sleep. Once you get yourself one of the best pillows, finding a great pillowcase is just as crucial.

Benefits of Pillow Silk – What are the Claims?

Beauty experts express their opinion on the benefits of silk and its superiority over cotton. Here are some of the claims about the benefits of a silk pillow case …

  • Claim 1: Silk pillowcases do not easily absorb moisture (or dirt). This is said to prevent the skin and hair from drying out – while cotton pillowcases absorb moisture, which can obviously dry out your skin.
  • Claim 2: The smooth texture of silk is soft on the skin and can reduce fine lines, while cotton pillowcases can cause wrinkles on the skin, which can lead to wrinkles over time. (Even the best travel pillows can cause wrinkles on the skin, so it might be worth investing in a silk travel pillowcase.)
  • Claim 3: Silk is resistant to moisture, mites and dust, which make it naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Claim 4: Because of the soft texture of silk, people say that it reduces friction in your hair, thus helping to prevent frizzy, tangled hair as you sleep.
  • Claim 5: Silk can help regulate temperature, so while it will not keep you cold (like the best cooling pads), it can prevent you from getting too hot in bed.

But is the advertising campaign real? To test these claims, we investigated what three women, who switched from cotton to silk pillowcases, had to say about the effects of the exchange on their hair and face.

She is a yoga instructor, beauty professional and self-recognized Redditor. Here is what the women said about their experiences …

Three women with their experience with a silk pillowcase

Yoga instructor experience

Lillian Zahra, a professional yoga instructor, is dedicated to a low-maintenance yoga lifestyle. One day, she decided to deviate from her usual habits and surprise herself in a silk pillowcase.

After a week, he experienced amazing results:

“So far there have been zero pillow folds on my face and my serums and oils are still felt in my skin in the morning (instead of being absorbed by a cotton pad for a long time).

“As for my hair, the baby hairs around my hairline look a little less messy and my hair now looks more like my old hair two (I wash my hair twice a week). It also feels so nice.

“Silk is always the perfect temperature (it does not need to lie on a cold pillow) and it is extremely soft. I had the visions of my head just sliding constantly from my pillow but it is soft without slipping. “

The experience of a beauty blogger

Spears Sisters are two lifestyle bloggers who share beauty and fashion tips with thousands of followers. Heather Spears learned about her experience after deciding to experiment with a silk pillowcase.

“While the benefits to my skin were enough to sell me as I continued my journey with new silk bedding, my hair is an even bigger advantage. I have naturally wavy / curly hair, it is a balance somewhere in between.

“Because of the texture of my hair, one of my big problems is frizz. After using my silk pillowcase for the first night, I noticed much less frizz in my hair. With the silky nature of the case, it creates less friction between my head and the pillowcase. This leaves my hair less prone to frizz. “

The experience of an online critic

Although beauty bloggers and influencers provide important information about the latest products and trends, there is no substitute for the prospect of a simple one. And silk pillowcases are a common theme on the popular Reddit forum.

One Redditor shared her experience with a silk pillowcase. “I really wanted to be disappointed or hate it, but … I like it and I think it’s worth it. I use Slip […] which keeps the serums and moisturizer locked better than if I were using cotton pillowcases, I feel less dry in the morning. “

Across the board, everyone who has tried a silk pillowcase has seen improvements in hair and skin health and would recommend using one. Silk pillowcases can be expensive – especially if you prefer a 100% silk mulberry. But for many, the benefits of glowing skin and hair without frizz are more than worth it.

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