September 4–22, 2018” is an intimate look at the author and her loved ones’ trip to Europe in the fall of 2018

Marilyn Mueller, an avid reader and long-time causal writer, has completed her new book, Our European Journey: September 4-22, 2018: A Shocking and Powerful Look at an Important Holiday for the Author.

Published by Page Publishing, Marilyn Mueller’s familiar book describes the author, her family and her friend’s trip to Europe in September 2018. The European trip begins in Sicily with her niece and husband. During the first week of the trip, they visit Sicily, Rome and Italy. Their journey then takes them to Barcelona, ​​Spain, before they spend time exploring France. Their journey ends in Paris, culminating in a flight home to Chicago. Along the way, readers will see family photos that show the amazing, journey of a lifetime.

Readers who want to experience personal work can purchase “Our European Journey: 4-22 September 2018” at bookstores anywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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