Scooby Doo Van Travels Round Hooking Up Children with Free Books

This mystery machine may have a mystery book for your child and hopefully there are no real ghosts.

Shout out to Linda Pearson in San Antonio. She started a non-profit collection of books and distributed them to children throughout her community. He calls it the Scooby Van of San Antonio. He brings the mystery machine to the schools of the area. The children get a book and a “Scooby Snack”.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Scooby Doo! This blue Scooby piece is one of the top five gummies of all time. Linda did it for only three months, but in such a short time. He has given over 1,500 books to children and says he still has 1,500 ready to give them at future events.

Dr. Raul Hinojosa is the director of Jubilee Academy. He said that during the pandemic, the children did not receive many visitors. “So such an opportunity is very special for them,” Raoul said. “And then they have a book that they can take home and keep on their own and write their name on it, they are very excited.”

Linda hopes to get two more Scooby trucks in the area to reach more children. If you are interested in helping Linda or want more information about her amazing body. You can see it on her website for more. I hope one day he can do it our way. I would love to see Scooby van and win a free book.

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