Rahul Ahuja, a Travel & Food Influencer, is Passionately Involving himself in Social Work

Rahul Ahuja is a Delhi-based food and travel influencer who is a Professional Social Worker (MSW at Amity University, Noida) and has been working for years. His love of travel and food made him pursue his passion with complete devotion. During his college he made the decision to establish himself as a food & travel influence on social media.

Rahul Ahuja has a great sense of taste for different foods and captures great photos of delicious foods for posting on social media. Born on October 28, 1990 in New Delhi, Rahul Ahuja realized his photographic talent during his college years when he clicked on many amazing food photos.

Trusting his guts, Rahul Ahuja entered the world of food blogging and is now considered one of the best food and travel bloggers in India. He travels to many wonderful places in India to cover various types of food and restaurants.

And he shares his ideas and experiences about them with people on his food blog and Instagram page, “EatsIndia”. The food blogger states that he faced many struggles in the early stages of his work, but persisted in his passion in an impatient manner.

Now, Rahul Ahuja is not only a food and travel blogger, but also a businessman. He has worked with many bloggers and food companies to take his business to a new level. It is his willingness to contribute to the community that helped him experience success in his life.

Rahul Ahuja chooses exotic locations to cover restaurants on his blog and presents unique content to make people like him. She also loves to share joy and happiness with others by participating in humanitarian activities.



Website www.rahulahuja.info

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