Qantas unlocks limitless flight adjustments to January 2022

Qantas passengers will be free to change their travel dates on both domestic and trans-Tasman flights until January 2022, as the airline encourages travelers to return to the skies.

On the home front, this waiver of the regular Qantas $ 99 Red eDeal charge is valid for bookings made through April 30, 2021, for travel until January 31, 2022.

Likewise, potential trans-Tasman flyers booking a trip by April 30, 2021 for a trip by January 31, 2022 will also enjoy charge-free changes, saving $ 100 $ 125 depending on the fare you purchased.

In both cases, unlimited flight date changes can be made until 31 January 2022.

“Our customers have been told that sudden changes in border restrictions by state governments give them a second thought about going on holiday or business trip,” said Stephanie Tully, Qantas Group Customer Manager.

“By giving customers unlimited flight date changes for almost a year, we believe it will encourage more people to book, helping to boost tourism, which is so vital to local economies and businesses across the country.”

For trans-Tasman pilots, New Zealand’s borders remain naturally closed to Australia, with no start date.

Despite the apparent release of “Q1 2021” – which was previously postponed several times during 2020 – Qantas will not sell trans-Tasman flights widely until July, running only one skeleton program in the coming months.

This makes any Australian trans-Tasman booking a fortune, with the waiver of domestic flights being more beneficial for most aircraft.

There is no extended waiver of change charges on other Qantas international routes, including those sold from July 2021.

Unlimited flight date changes: what is the offer?

Although a generous policy for travelers booking paid airline tickets, Qantas’ updated “free flight” rules do not apply to Classic Flight Reward bookings.

As for Qantas Points booked trips, they still have waived the change and cancellation fees only until April 30, 2021 – not until January of the following year.

Even for travelers with eligible paid tickets, fare differences still apply when changing.

This means that passengers who receive attractive sales fares can find much more expensive flights waiting for them when they request a change.

Also, as the policy only applies to bookings made by April 30 of this year, those booking flights in May (and beyond) will not enjoy the same level of flexibility as the current policy.

Where flight changes are requested, these may be for travel as far as is available on the airline reservation system: up to 355 days in advance.

Prior to this update, Qantas passengers could make a free flight change for travel until the end of June 2021, unless further changes are allowed free of charge in accordance with normal fare rules.

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