Prime 10 Enjoyable Vacation Locations in Europe

From geothermal spas to renowned wine and food areas, take a real break from everyday life in these relaxing destinations in Europe.

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Author: Jemima Forbes

Going on vacation should not be a dull sightseeing. Sometimes, visiting a new destination can simply involve complete rest and relaxation while absorbing the local culture. Europe is one such region where leisure and travel really go hand in hand. Whether you want to spend your days going to the picturesque beaches of Italy or enjoying the thermal springs in Iceland, here is the inspirational collection of the top 10 relaxing holiday destinations in Europe.

1 Positano, Italy

Enchanting Travels Italy Tours Beautiful Positano on hills leading to the coast - Top 10 Relaxing Holiday Destinations in Europe

If you crave a taste of la dolce vita, there is no better place than the stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy! Idyllic bays of the Mediterranean, picturesque fishing villages and a relaxed pace of life are what you can expect to experience.

For a pleasant holiday on the Amalfi Coast, one of the best luxury destinations in Europe, rely on beautiful Positano and enjoy day trips to the 13 villages of the area. Highlights include the Ravello, with its stunning views and ornate villas, and the Amalfi, which features whitewashed buildings and museums.

2 Sky Island, Scotland

Tours of the Isle of Skye - Top 10 Relaxing Holiday Destinations in Europe

For a complete escape from reality, few places are more peaceful than the isolated islands of Scotland. The Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast of the country and is ideal for lovers of wonderful outdoor spaces.

Stay in charming Portree and enjoy daily excursions to see the rugged scenery of Skye, at your own pace. Waterfall swimming, whiskey tasting sessions, castle exploration and stunning sunsets are some of the things you can experience.

3 Goriska Brda wine region, Slovenia

Villages in Goriska Brda - Top 10 Relaxing Holiday Destinations in Europe

If your idea of ​​a relaxing holiday is full of gourmet gastronomy, head to Slovenia. The country’s rich Goriska Brda wine region is located between the glorious Adriatic Sea and the high peaks of the Southern Alps.

Not only a blessed location with great countryside views, Goriska Brda is also full of vineyards where you can enjoy delicious wines. Why not combine them with delicious dishes from local products?

4 Lindau, Germany

Lindau with Lake Constance - Top 10 Relaxing Holiday Destinations in Europe

If the loud music and crowds of Munich’s Oktoberfest celebrations are not your scene, plan a holiday in Lindau, Bavaria. Located on the shores of Lake Constance in southern Bavaria, Germany, it is a real hidden gem with a generosity of wonderful outdoor attractions.

Take a stroll in the magnificent botanical gardens, browse the elegant villas, go out in the enchanting forests or book a tour or two golf courses. Lindau also offers you a taste of local German culture on a smaller scale. Relax in a café on medieval Maximilianstrasse to sample delicious local delicacies or visit the local museum to learn all about the city’s history.

5 Hveragerði, Iceland

Does a spa vacation look like the idea of ​​paradise? Take a trip to the heart of Iceland, a country known for its natural hot springs. Hveragerði is called “Hot Spring Town” – and for good reason. It is located above lava fields whose natural heat is used by many companies, not just the thermal baths.

While you will be able to pamper yourself with thermal baths and clay mud masks, you will also be able to drink beer and eat freshly baked bread made using geothermal energy! Hveragerði is also famous for its amazing restaurant scene, which you can enjoy during your relaxing getaway to Iceland.

6 Milos, Greece

The islands of Greece are definitely among the top 10 relaxing holiday destinations in Europe! Instead of heading to one of the larger islands, such as Santorini, for about a week to book, why not book a holiday in the lesser known Milos?

The impressive island has the best of both worlds when it comes to idyllic scenery and fascinating ancient sights. The white sand coves that surround the turquoise sea are abundant, while you will find that Milos is the place where the interesting statue of Aphrodite of Milos was discovered in 1820. Swimming, sunbathing and the charms of the thermal baths are some of the relaxing activities that you can enjoy in Milos.

7 Siberian train, Russia

Lake Baikal Shore Trans Siberia

Ever wanted to see the snowy landscapes of Siberia up close? Book your Trans-Siberian train stay in Russia and enjoy exploring the wild and fascinating cities of the “motherland” without much change in hotel or transportation.

You can travel from Moscow to Vladivostok near the Pacific coast or choose a shorter Trans-Siberian Railway that crosses Mongolia and China. You will see incredible sights through your carrier window, such as Lake Baikal, the Gobi Desert, and even the Great Wall of China, depending on the route you take.

8Malaga, Spain

Court of Malaga, Spain

The Costa del Sol in Spain is full of spas, art walks and unspoilt beaches, it is undoubtedly one of the top 10 relaxing holiday destinations in Europe! Malaga is located right in the heart of the area and could not be a better city to rely on for a quiet beach holiday.

R&D enthusiasts will also enjoy visiting world-class art galleries and touring the perfect citadels of Malaga. The city is also popular for its cuisine: embrace the local Spanish culture by eating snacks, and drinking sangria late at night at a local tapas bar.

9 Island of Madeira, Portugal

Island of Madeira, Portugal

If the popular Algarve region of Portugal is more or less busy for you, visit the island of Madeira. Leaving the Atlantic coast of the country, it is a hidden treasure ideal for those after sunshine, sea and endless sky.

Fill your days with beach excursions on the island of Madeira, bike rides in the untouched countryside and tastings of the delicious wine of the same name on the island. The volcanic landscape of Madeira is also a magnet for amateur photographers – black sand coves, steep craters and large spots with unobstructed ocean views.

10 Champagne, France

The name says it all! One of the best luxury holiday destinations in Europe, Champagne in France is a great place to relax and unwind.

While a short distance from Paris, a trip to Champagne will make you feel like you are a million miles away thanks to the peaceful countryside and the ultimate method of relaxation – wine tasting! The area was officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 (French cuisine itself was added to the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List in 2010). A leisurely tour of Champagne’s rolling vineyards and historic wine cellars will easily show you why.

Get ready to discover (or rediscover) Europe in one of the aforementioned luxury destinations. Contact our experts today for help dreaming of the perfect Continental tour.

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