Planning a summer vacation? You’ll want to book flights early

“As the planes fill up, we will see airfare go up. Absolutely. No doubt about it,” says travel agent Steve Cosgrove.

DALLAS – The CDC announced Friday that Americans who are fully vaccinated can fly at low risk.

As the number of fully vaccinated people continues to rise, travel agent Steve Cosgrove said he expects the number of trips to increase.

“We will see a slight drop after Easter, as is usually the case,” Cosgrove said. “May will fall a little.”

Cosgrove, who owns Dynamic Travel & Cruises in Southlake, said he would probably expect to see an increase in travel as soon as the summer months hit. While airfare was significantly less expensive than usual during the pandemic, Cosgrove said it would change as more people start traveling again.

“As the planes fill up, we will see the plane ticket go up. Absolutely. No doubt about it,” Cosgrove said.

The TSA updates travel numbers every morning from the night before. On Friday, the numbers were released for April 1st. Nearly 1.6 million travelers passed through checkpoints nationwide. April 1, 2020 showed only 124,000 travelers.

In Dallas, Love Field reported that more than 12,000 passengers are scheduled to pass through safety on Friday and more than 40,000 on Thursday through Sunday over the Easter weekend.

“Book now,” Cosgrove said. “Lock the airfare.”

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