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The British are desperate for a vacation after almost 10 months of coronavirus, masks and stay at home. While there was some relaxation of the rules in the summer of 2020, many people decided not to book a dangerous trip that could be canceled anyway. Marcus of Goldman Sachs revealed that the UK’s financial priorities have changed over the past year, with 22% of adults planning to spend more money on travel over the next two years. Express.co.uk Conversation with Nicky Kelvin from The Points Guy UK, Tom Bourlet from SpaghettiTraveller and Flight Center Steve Norris MD EMEA to find out if you should book a vacation in 2021 or not.

Can I go on vacation now?

Holidays are not allowed in the UK during the lockout, but there could be a holiday once the lock is over.

Unnecessary travel – both at home and abroad – is currently prohibited.

Key trips could include work, training, medical appointments or care obligations.

What is and is not necessary has not been stoned, and the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development continues to advise against unnecessary international travel.

Mr Kelvin explained: “The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) still advises you not to travel to certain destinations – even if you meet these criteria for essential travel.

“So if you want to travel internationally, you have to have a legal reason to do so.

“If you have to travel for one of the main reasons, then FCDO advice is for you.”

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Nicky explained that because the essentials are not very specific, it is up to you to decide whether to go or not.

He said: “Ultimately, this puts the decision on himself based on risk and personal responsibility.

“If you choose to board a flight for one of the above reasons, it is currently unlikely that the British Government will prevent you from doing so.

“Like the requirements of lock-up and social distance, it is up to each individual to do the right thing to protect the NHS and stop the ongoing spread of the coronavirus so that we can return to normalcy and travel once it is over.”

A key reason could be a family emergency abroad or going to another country for work or work.

Nicky added: “A plane carrying a pilot full of medical supplies between China and the United Kingdom, for example, would also be a substantial journey, as domestic and international freight are essential services.”

You should not travel if you feel unwell, even if the reason is urgent.

Do I have to book a vacation in 2021?

Whether you are traveling for a basic reason or for leisure, if allowed later in 2021, you need to be careful.

Nicky said: “If you are traveling abroad, there is no guarantee that you will be able to return to the UK due to ever-changing travel restrictions and holidays.

“This can be especially difficult if you are traveling to a remote island opposite mainland Europe, for example, where you could possibly return to the UK if necessary.”

Booking a holiday now for later in the year could also be dangerous due to changing border restrictions.

Nicky explained: “There are also extensive and ever-changing border restrictions for UK nationals trying to travel abroad at the moment, making international travel particularly difficult at the moment.

“In fact, the Netherlands and Germany have banned arrivals in the UK from traveling for non-essential reasons.”

If you decide to book a holiday abroad later in 2021 and when the time comes, you can not go due to border controls – you will have to return your money or a voucher to book later.

However, it is important to remember that refunds are not mandatory and you should always check the terms and conditions before booking.

Mr. Bourlet from Spaghetti Traveler recommends a toiletking through reviews of how certain travel companies or online travel agents handled customers during the pandemic.

He said: “I know of some brands that have focused on returning money to customers as soon as possible, offering delays or alternatives, while others have completely shut down their customer service channels and ignored their customer base. The digital footprint is visible to all. read before booking. “

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Even if the borders are open, the UK Government could advise against all necessary travel and this will void your security.

Nicky explained: “Most travel insurance policies will also exclude claims that travel has been made due to disobedience to a government travel warning, such as that from the FCDO, making it particularly dangerous at this time.”

Another possible problem is that your flights will be canceled and you will not be able to go.

Nicky noted that several companies such as Virgin Holidays, TUI, Thomas Cook and JET 2 have already canceled flights from the UK until mid-February.

Mr Bourlet said: “It could be argued that you would be more secure financially by choosing holiday packages instead of booking accommodation and flights separately, as long as it is protected by ATOL.

“Also, make sure you book your vacation with a credit card and not a debit card.

“Some travel companies allow zero deposit or late payment, which would be helpful in the event that something changes. This also gives you a little more time to save on holiday money with less stress on yourself.”

In addition, you should check the fine details when booking travel insurance, as the “Covid cover” may be unclear.

Mr Bourlet commented: “I have never seen a travel insurance policy claim that it really covers all the scenarios associated with Covid, so do not believe it just because you see the word buzz, this is just a marketing tactic of the time. .

“You need to make sure that travel insurance will cover you for any cancellation based on the self-isolation requirement, even if it is as simple as the testing and tracking system that claims to have contacted someone who has Covid.

“You should also make sure that it offers repatriation and medical coverage in case you are suffering from Coronavirus while abroad.”

If you did not get one of the Koranovirus vaccines before your trip, you may not be able to fly, according to Mr Norris.

He said: “The Flight Center predicts that airlines will adopt a ‘No Jab, No Fly’ policy to protect its passengers and facilitate free movement in 2021.”

However, for that to happen, there must be an international standard in this policy to provide convenience and consistency to travelers, he added.

If you decide that you want to book a holiday this summer, now is the time to get the best deal.

Mr Norris recommended booking flights earlier and not later, as flight prices are expected to rise in 2021.

He said: “Due to the reduction in airline capacity and the expected increase in demand as vaccination begins and restrictions begin to be lifted, the Flight Center is currently forecasting an increase in flight prices in 2021.

“This supply and demand will of course depend on market confidence, border restrictions and additional costs for airlines.

“Therefore, it is expected that the best time to book cheap holidays for future travel will be in the first months of 2021, before demand causes prices to rise.”

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