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The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority met Tuesday morning to discuss marketing plans after Contour Airlines provided an update that would make it easier for customers to book flights through American Airlines. (Photo by Candice Black)

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority met Tuesday morning to discuss possible marketing plans following an announcement from Contour Airlines to facilitate bookings for customers.

Contour Airlines works with American Airlines to allow travelers to book a trip from Parkersburg to different parts of the country and the world, without having to re-check their luggage while connecting via Charlotte.

Previously, booking a trip through American Airlines outside of Parkersburg was only available through travel sites, but Contour said customers would now be able to book directly through the American Airlines website and Contour would offer bookings on its website inside in a few weeks.

Airport manager Glen Kelly met with authorities to discuss whether or not the team wanted to make this information available to the market with a $ 12,500 donation received from the state.

“What concerns me are vaccines and how they affect future travel” he said.

Kelly discussed her previous marketing strategy and how much digital billboards she received, especially that of Chick-Fil-A in Vienna, which had increased their traffic since the pandemic began.

“The return on investment from marketing, I think, is very good. The COVID effect has made the billboard a great billboard that has, “ Kelly said.

As announced at the Wood County Airport Authority last week, the $ 12,500 grant can be used for other improvements or updates around the airport.

Kelly asked from the beginning for their input on whether the money should be used to market the announcement by Contour or whether it should be used to meet other needs.

Wood County Commissioner and member Blair Couch suggested using half of the grant for marketing and using the other half for other purposes.

“I think marketing allows Contour to know that we are serious about them and want to support them.” Couch said. “(If) we spend half trying to find the perfect billboards for a while and let the other half go to the required expense, I would say this is a safe game anyway.”

The proposal was accepted to spend half of the grant on marketing and re-evaluate in March to assess the state of COVID-19 at that time to see how this money can be better used. After discussing the agenda, Washington County Commissioner Ron Fairs made a proposal to dismiss the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority.

“I think it’s very strange that there are three voting members in Ohio who are making proposals that are not all that apply to West Virginia.” Feathers he said. “The Wood County Airport Authority and the County County are the real ones. I understand that it is good intentions (but) for about 17 years, I have not seen anyone on my side of the river take it seriously. “

Couch responded by talking about some of the reasons the Mid-Ohio Valley Authority was formed 17 years ago.

“Seventeen years ago we created this group to increase the demographics” he said.

A proposal has been made to file a motion for the Wings and for the authority to meet early next year to discuss the removal of the team and review the regulations involved with the authority to see what the requirements are.

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