Local author writes a prayer guide for millinnial parents


Nickville resident Lisa Blady recently released her first book, Sons and Daughter Emerging, A Prayer Strategy for Millennial Parents.

Blady wanted the book to be something simple for expectant mothers.

“It goes through the whole pregnancy, every week from conception to the 40 weeks you deliver the baby that we cover every organ as it develops,” Blady said.

The idea to write the book started while Blady was spending time alone with God.

“I was walking in my apartment and my son and his wife were pregnant with their first child,” Blady said. “And the Holy Spirit stopped me and said to Lisa, ‘Why do you not pray for this baby?’ I said I do not know. I never thought of praying for a baby in the womb. “

Blady says that within a few seconds more information began to come down to her brain.

“I thought what if you were praying while this particular instrument had been developed? “Then this disease or this disease or this tendency to sin would not have the opportunity to turn into something later in life,” Blady said.

What makes this book different from other pregnancy books is that it combines science with prayer and writing.

“What I have done is grasp how big the baby is, what is going on inside this little baby and there is a prayer that guides the parent,” Blady said. “Every time I refer to a prayer there is a verse that fits.”

At the end of each prayer, there are 5 questions. Some are challenging others are fun.

Blady took her time writing the book.

“It probably took 2 1/2 to 3 years, mainly because I was waiting,” Blady said. “I knew there was a birth time for this book.”

Blady does not stop with this book. He has more ideas.

“I have another book I want to work on for siblings,” Blady said. “This way, the brother can realize that this is what is happening inside the mother’s womb. So they can see that the size of a bean is the size of a pound of flour and so on. “

But for now, she just hopes this book inspires and encourages new mothers to be.

“One of the books in the book is Psalm 102: 18,” Blady said. “He says that it should be written for a generation that has not yet been born, so that they may praise the Lord … and I adore it. That we pray for the next generation before they even get here because I believe that God brings forth his sons and daughters in an age like this. “

If you want a copy of the book or just want to know more, log on to sonanddaughteremerging.com. The book is also available at amazon.com.

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