Jessica Simpson Brings Back Her Epic Open Book Tour Style with a Chic Outfit Parade

Jessica Simpson / Instagram (3)

Jessica Simpson is once again launching the new version of a paperback disc with her bestsellers and brings the same type of standing and staring fashion moments that we loved from his first tour.

On Tuesday, the singer showed some of the looks they wore while promoting the Open Book on Instagram, giving fans the distribution of each costume.

Appearing at Good Morning America on Tuesday, Simpson, 40, dressed in a pair of gray Safiyaa pants with a red Balmain button. The gold buttons on the Simpson shirt also match the heart-shaped Balenciaga gold earrings.

“Bringing My Author A Game to Balmain for GMA. Blessed to Be Back with #OPENBOOKLOOKS,” wrote the author, whose paperback release has just been released, wrote the post.

For a live show with Kelly and Ryan, Simpson paired a warm pink Tom Ford cake with a black midi skirt from Saint Laurent, high black boots (also from Saint Laurent) and silver hoop earrings to complete the look.

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“Dressed in Tom Ford – Bless the Lord! #OPENBOOKLOOKS,” Simpson wrote.

In her latest post, Simpson wore a black Prada peplum sleeve look for Entertainment Tonight, with accessories with a gold belt and the same black Saint Laurent boots.

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“Here is the Prada entertainment for the afternoon 😜 #OPENBOOKLOOKS”, noted the photo.

When her book debuted last February, Simpson could not pull off all the stops. With the help of stylist Nicole Chavez, the duo edited a colorful, whimsical wardrobe that showed off the true aesthetics of the multibillion-dollar calf. (You may remember when she channeled the “Elle Woods interior” with this legally blonde moment!)

The story goes on

On Tuesday, Simpson shared a major wave of her 2020 tour, thanking fans for their support and explaining that the paperback issue will have “a new introduction and some very personal magazine entries that will show you a little about why the magazine It’ve been so important to me all my life. “

Earlier this month, Simpson did some modeling for a different kind of fashion project, posing with clothes from her new Jessica Simpson collection in the spring of 2021.

Christine Burns

The designer told PEOPLE exclusively that after “living” with ties last year she was ready to “go back to some jeans”. Adding, “I always feel confident about a great pair of flare jeans that fit me well.”

Her new collection has many options, such as Pull on Flare ($ 59; and Adored High Rise Kick Flare Jeans ($ 79; Simpson says the new series reflects its aesthetics and characterizes a style that will sport this spring.

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