Is It Worth It? VIP Tours at Disney World That Cost Thousands

Disney offers VIP tours at extremely high prices. What is included in these excursions and is it worth the price?

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No one wants to wait in line at Disney World, and as trips begin to pick up many people will look for ways to skip the lines. FastPass + is currently suspended in Walt Disney World, but is there another way?

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You may think that a Disney World VIP Tour is the way to skip the lines and spend an unforgettable vacation. You will be surprised to find out that despite the price of $ 425 – $ 750 and does not include tickets for the theme park. For the point what is included?

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Disney describes a VIP Tour as a fully customizable and efficient way for groups of up to 10 Guests to enjoy a day at Walt Disney World. You get a tour guide who stays with you all day and tailors your theme park visit to your needs and wants.

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Usually, you get a private vehicle and you can experience “unparalleled hospitality, experience some of your favorite attractions alongside a VIP Tour Guide”. You can choose the start time, park hop and enjoy information from the VIP Tour Guide. Additionally, you can use FastPass + for an unlimited amount of time for most attractions that can really reduce waiting times.

Although FastPass + has been suspended in Disney World theme parks at the moment, you can still cut the lines on the VIP tour as if you had unlimited FastPasses! For some people who hit the heat of Florida and do not have to wait in line is worth the money.

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With a minimum of seven hours and up to $ 750 per hour, you can see the cost of this experience increasing. So, is it worth it?

I think you can enjoy a great day at any Walt Disney World theme park without paying for a VIP Tour. But you have the extra cash and you want to do something truly memorable, go for it!

Tour Guides are very experienced and getting FastPass + or skipping trails through your tour guide is an amazing advantage. Again, even without the FastPass + option at Disney Parks right now, you can still get to the forefront with a VIP Tour Guide, almost making the purchase of an even more valuable one!

If you are interested in taking a VIP Tour, as it is the only way to skip lines at Disney World without FastPass + right now, click here to contact a travel agent for more information!

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