How to win a shot in the arm

DENVER (KDVR) – There is no book or manual to help you find a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

However, there are several websites and Facebook groups that can help you navigate the often complicated and stressful process of finding a vaccine.

FOX31 Problem Solvers have found several useful resources. First, check out this page from the state of Colorado, which includes links to get vaccinated at many pharmacies.

Many vaccine hunters in Colorado also regularly monitor and search the Colorado Detection Vaccine website.

There are also many Facebook groups that provide tips on finding vaccines. One of the best is called the Colorado Vaccine Hunters.

Colleen Gannon sought advice from the team to find a vaccine this week. He got a residual vaccine at a pharmacy in the Denver area.

Gina Lux also got a shot this week after learning about the remaining vaccines.

Both women now share some tips they learned through the Facebook group.

First, search often and don’t forget to refresh your web pages. It is also helpful to look for vaccines very late at night or early in the morning, especially in places like Walmart.

“I think Walmart makes all vaccine appointments at midnight Eastern Time, so if you can change your phone or computer to New York time and see 10 p.m. “Here in Colorado, you can see all the appointments technically two hours before you have to be in your area,” Lux advised.

Another tip? Be willing to travel to get your vaccine.

Many farm pharmacies have more appointments. Colorado Vaccine Hunter team members also recommend driving to places like Cheyenne, Wyo, where some stores allow Coloradoans to take pictures.

Lux and Gannon also suggest that you call pharmacies to ask about the remaining vaccines.

Many pharmacies have a handful of vaccines left over each day that would otherwise be discarded. Many will offer you the download even if you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Both women also recommend stopping by pharmacies late in the day to ask about any remaining vaccines.

“If you are there of course, it is much easier for them to say you can have it than to call a list of 200 people,” Lux said.

You may be wondering if some of these tips are somehow a way to fool the system.

“This is a discussion we have had in many of these paintings. What is moral? “We want people who have the right to get the vaccine to get the vaccine. That is the goal,” Lux said.

Lux says many members of the group discuss these questions and also seek answers, arguing that most people are not trying to get around and want to do the right thing.

“Is it ethical to go to Wyoming when we live in Colorado? People report that they spoke directly to them, saying, “Hey, I talked to King Soopers or I talked to Walmart and they have these remnants and they want to get their hands on it,” he said.

Facebook group co-ordinators say they saw turnout increase by 500% last month.

However, there are other groups and sites with good advice when it comes to finding vaccine appointments.

There are bots on Twitter that will alert you whenever a vaccination appointment is available in Colorado.

Gannon has also compiled its own list of more than 30 vaccine registration sites that you can watch for open appointments.

“You can get a vaccine. You will get a vaccine. “We know that,” Gannon said.

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