How to safely book a vacation in 2021

The demand for vacations is increasing as vaccines increase. Here’s what you need to know if you are trying to escape this summer.

ARIZONA, USA – If you have a trip with a list of buckets you want to do, get ready. Prices are rising as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine and feel safer when traveling.

Here’s everything you need to remember as you try to book your upcoming dream vacation.

The demand for holidays is increasing as vaccines increase. Some of the top destinations include mountainous areas such as Montana and Alaska and areas south of the border such as Mexico and Costa Rica.

Travel to continue as vaccinations increase

“Right now, it’s such a busy time in the travel industry,” said Janet Semenova, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors.

The big question for anyone wanting to travel this year is whether to book a trip now or wait?

“All the people who were patiently waiting for their chance to travel are now being vaccinated, they feel safer going a little further away from home,” Semenova said.

Summer vacation destinations book months in advance

It has been more than a year since the pandemic began and many people have been disguised for months. Americans itch to go out and travel safely, to see friends and family they have not seen forever.

“People are starting to book and in the summer in particular, it will be a very, very busy time for travelers,” he said. “… especially since many people are not fully open to US travelers.”

Some of the top destinations include mountainous areas such as Montana, Idaho, Alaska, according to Semenova. The areas south of the border, Mexico, Costa Rica and some Caribbean islands are also extremely popular.

“Places that are more prone to social distances, or maybe a little more private. “Natural hotels are really popular, anywhere near a national park sells out 6 to 12 months earlier,” he added.

Rental cars are also seeing increased demand. Semenova says smaller destinations may not be equipped with the Phoenix Sky Harbor car rental stock.

Some destinations remain locked due to the pandemic

If you are planning to book, Semenova says you should consider destinations that are currently open and when you want to travel, because people open late.

“Greece intends to open to international tourists, Iceland plans to open, Croatia intends to open, but other places like France and Italy are still closing and closing,” he said.

If you still want to go to a place that is locked at the moment, do you have the opportunity and book a trip now?

“If you are going to make a reservation, I would definitely say the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021, until 2022,” he said. “For flights, we can book almost a year out … It’s a good idea if you know you want to go somewhere to book your flight now, because prices will probably go up as the trip goes up.”

Read the fine print before booking a trip

Buyers should be aware that full refunds may not be guaranteed if flights are canceled as travel demand explodes and travel costs increase.

“Most US airlines still offer flexibility … many airlines offer free exchanges,” Semenova said.

Travelers can receive a voucher for future travel instead of a full refund, so check the airline’s fine print before booking.

Book now to ensure you have the trip you want to secure

Now is the time to secure your reservations to ensure that you will be able to get where you want to go when you want to go.

Remember, mask commands still apply to many destinations. Airlines still require masks and hotels also have their own set of rules and regulations, so your experience may change depending on the security measures in place.

The CDC recommends for all travelers, vaccinated or not

The latest CDC travel guidelines include testing 1 to 3 days before your trip, even if you have been vaccinated.

Also follow the instructions for the mask and social distances and try again 3 to 5 days after your trip, along with a self-quarantine for seven full days, even if you test negative, it is also recommended by the CDC.

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