How To Put together for Your First Day Hike

In 2020, we run the risk of speculating that, like many of us, you have experienced some disruption in your travel plans whether it is the annual family vacation on your beach or an adventure in many countries. Staying safe and protected means staying at home and even with positive announcements, as some countries lift their restrictions, it seems likely that there will be barriers to travel in the next six months.

During this time and eagerly, one of the main questions we ask ourselves is what will the rest of the year look like for travelers? Industry data indicate that there will be a reduction in international travel, but a recent study by Avvio in a four-week study of personal travel plans 2020 showed that 71.5% respondents intending to travel inland after COVID-19.

Why not explore your area on foot?

If you are not already interested in hiking, now is the time to start discovering your backyard or the wonders of your area. We are all guilty of not appreciating the right thing in front of us, so when it comes to hiking in your area or country of origin, you will definitely have amazing landscapes, beaches or peaks that you can do or visit again. In addition, hiking is one of the most sustainable travel and leisure activities you can enjoy. Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara promotes remarkable impact on us as human beings:

“Walking stimulates all kinds of things in us that are good and positive and enhance health and well-being. This is something that is being lost in our modern world and has gradually reduced the range of motion in which people can participate. ”

This chart, “How to prepare for your first hike”, by Gabor shoes is designed to help you plan a hit on the trails. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just want to experience the countryside for a fun, safe activity, this will help you learn more about everything from the natural benefits of hiking to the shoes that will keep you backed up on a range of terrain. . Go out and travel in a new way – you never know what history and culture you will enjoy as well as wonderful natural beauty.

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