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The Prime Minister of Thailand celebrates his birthday with “nobles”, showing the greeting with the 3 fingers on his motorcycle. Protesters in favor of democracy did not hold back protests as his motorcycle reached the Government House. Dern Thalu Fah, or Walk Through the Sky, the demonstration team used loud speakers as they shouted, “Prayut, get out! Down with feudalism, live the people! “in parallel with the demand to repeal the controversial law on lese majeste.

Pm Prayut arrived at the Government House to chair the Covid-19 Status Management Center meeting, where he is expected to decide on Songkran Festival activities, as well as new Covid-19 risk assessments from the provinces of the Kingdom.

However, high-ranking military and government officials bombed the expected meeting with best wishes for the prime minister, who in turn handed amulets Luang Pu Thuad and Ajarn Thim to his fans, along with temperature gauges.

The CCSA meeting has been awaited for a long time, as its results could provide a “step forward” for some activities that will be planned in advance for Songkran. Only now, however, has traditional Thai New Year water activity been banned due to concerns about the spread of the Covid virus.

The Pattaya bar and business owners are also looking forward to it The CCSA decision on whether Chon Buri Province will be downgraded to a “green” zone, which would allow these institutions to remain open after midnight. In the pre-Covid era, Pattaya fell into special administrative zones, which allowed companies to circumvent the normal closing law at midnight.

However, due to the second wave of Covid and the emergency decree, businesses in the tourist town had to close, with the owners saying it damaged their revenue. As of now, the CCSA has renewed the emergency decree, fading hopes that such bars and business owners will see closing hours later.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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