Genshin Impact Noelle hangout guide

Looking for a Genshin Impact Noelle hangout guide? Hangout events are fun, story-based missions in which you spend time one by one with a character, getting to know them better and trying to have a conversation with them that never ends with them running away.

There are six possible outcomes to Noelle hangouts, excluding those that completely eliminate you. To receive all the rewards from the Noelle hangout event, you must reach all six finals. Although you need to two story keys to unlock each hangout, once unlocked, are free to visit it again. Conveniently, you can enter the hangout at any previously unlocked history checkpoint to try to follow a different thread.

During the hangout, Noelle also has a heart rate monitor – lose several hearts by choosing dialogue options she does not like and the hangout will end early. If you want to avoid these fakes, do not be afraid – here is a complete detailed event for the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout, so you can unlock every end and achievement.

Goodbye, my lady!

Honorary Knight! > All life is trained> Guest from Afar

It does not matter what you say to Noelle in the first dialogue option – when she asks you for guidance on her Chivalric Training, say “It’s not okay not to be a knight”. What you say after that has no effect on the result.

A man named Alois asks for help with some slimes. then you two will accompany him back to Mondstadt. The dialog options before you get to the pub have no effect on the end. The next branch begins when Alois asks “Is this what they give to all visitors to the Mondstadt?” Select “How to host Noelle”. You will go to Good Hunter and again you will have the same two dialogs. select “hosting” again. Noelle will give Alois a present… and once again, the same two dialog options appear. select “hosting”. The other dialog options are for taste only. they make no difference in history. He will leave happily, and you will get the “Goodbye, my lady!” ending.

The player comforts Noelle as she stands, frustrated by the Mondstadt gates at the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout

A cold reception

Honorary Knight! > All life is trained> Guest from Afar

This ending also comes from telling Noelle “It’s okay not to be a knight”, but instead of choosing “hosting” answers for Alois, choose “Made especially for you”. When you accompany Alois out of town, he reveals that he planned to imitate Mondstadt’s famous Dandelion Wine. When you return to Noelle, she looks disappointed and you finish “A Cold Reception”.

Noelle fights hilichurls at the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout

A maid above the ground

Honorary Knight! > Training field> For greater endurance

When Noelle asks you for guidance on her Chivalric Training, tell her “Of course, where do you want to start?” When she tells you that she feels something is missing, tell her that she lacks strength. Then there will be an endurance test where Noelle destroys all the training dummies within a specific time frame. She asks you again what she needs and once again, tell her she needs more strength.

After mining and killing slime and a Mitachurl, stones fall into the gap. Next, you must clear the rocks and defeat Lawachurl to unlock this end.

Noelle is grateful for the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout

The will of a defender is their strength

Honorary Knight! > Training ground> For more experience

Instead of telling Noelle that she has no strength after training, ask, “Is it because you have no real-world combat experience?” Then you will try to defeat some enemies and inevitably fail – you tell her how important it is to fight together and then find a man, Henning, who asks for help. Helping him win the end of “A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength” and the achievement of “… For I Duty Bound”.

Noelle studies a book in the library at her event at Genshin Impact Noelle

An enigma called love

Honorary Knight! > A breath> It’s the heart that matters

When Noelle asks you about Chivalric Training, tell her “Of course, where do you want to start?” This time, tell her she lacks rest. Regardless of the other options you choose, go for tea together. You make a plan to give a gift, and you choose “it’s the thinking that counts”, which leads you to the presentation of Bea with grilled fish. Not surprisingly, this does not help much, and Noelle feels bad going to the library to study. There is one secret achievement here – “A world known only for roses” – which you get by reading Noelle’s study notes.

Lying on the grass with Noelle as she presents a rose on paper at the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout

Whisper of the paper rose

Honorary Knight! > A breath> Sincere gifts

This is one of the best parts of Noelle. After agreeing to help Noelle with her education and telling her that she lacks rest, this time when she asks about the gift, tell her “we have to choose carefully”. Visit a store and you can choose between two options – the wood carving squirrel loses a heart, but you can go on. The Frostening bottle is the best choice. After taking three photos at various points around the map, Beatrice will ask you about these locations. “Cape Oath” will search. You and Noelle go to Windrise together, and she gives you a rose on paper. Ouch!

These are the six ends of the event at Hangout Noelle – once you have finished quality time with the trusted maid, head to Barbara’s hangout guide and unlock all possible endings with her.

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