Food and Travel influencer and Blogger Rahul Ahuja Brought Smiles On Many Faces With His Kind Act During Pandemic

People think that influencing social media or blogging is an easy job. But those who do it every day, are well aware of its challenges.

Some people forget that no job is easy and it has its own kind of challenges. Even influencers or bloggers need to make sure their content is different and different from others who do the same job. One such social media star who has scored for himself on the Internet and in people’s hearts is Rahul Ahuja.

Social Worker Rahul Ahuja is one of India’s most popular food bloggers and influences social media. He is a professional social worker and takes any step that will help improve society. His educational background is Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work. Thus, it can be rightly said that he is a scholar who was awarded the most famous prize – “Shri Baljit Shastri Award for the Best in Human & Traditional Values” at Amity University, Noida. When we are going to help people in different ways.

During the pandemic last year and now, Rahul had volunteered to help people in need. He worked his neck off with Uttar Pradesh police during the lockdown. Many people lost their jobs and had no food on their plates. Ahuja went out and distributed food to the needy and made sure that no one around him was starving in difficult times.

On activating people last year and even now, Rahul Ahuja says, “The pandemic has taught us that we can only help one another. I love food and our lives depend mainly on food. How can I enjoy it when I know there are hundreds of people out there starving? So I decided that what I really needed to do was find a way to help people with food or any other support I could. There are many like me in other parts of the country who have done the same. I hope this inspires more people to go out and help the needy. “

Meanwhile, Rahul Ahuja runs a food and travel site called EatsIndia. On his page, he gives reviews of various cafes, restaurants and all kinds of food and drink he eats or drinks. His consistency and honesty helped him gain the trust of those who follow his page religiously.

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