Folks planning holidays in 2021 ought to use a travel agent to navigate COVID-19, altering pointers, in accordance with travel skilled

Chicago (WLS) – Many people canceled their 2020 vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now wonder if they can book a trip for 2021.

Nadonna Goldman with R&N Travel and Tours said this is the year to use a travel agent.

“Some people may be surprised to learn that a travel agent’s services are not usually charged directly to you,” Goldman said. “Our supplies are generally integrated by the suppliers and suppliers with whom we book for you.”

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Goldman said travel agents are aware of cancellation policies before people book their trips and can help them follow their holiday cancellation process if necessary.

Travel agents can also help you navigate ever-changing policies in states and cities.

If people want to book an international trip, Goldman reminds people that the CDC is changing its international travel guidelines. People should test negative for COVID-19 before the flight. If people are going abroad, they should be sure that they can be tested during the trip.

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