FA Cup third spherical: Inside non-league Marine earlier than their tie with Tottenham

Paul Leary is in his 16th season as president of Marine, who took his name from a local hotel where the club’s founders met

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In the non-league Marine, they not only circulate the red carpet for Tottenham’s visit to the FA Cup, but they also bring carpet cleaners.

Paul Leary, president of the eighth-tier club in English football, is determined that the meeting room floor at the Marine Travel Arena is spotless for Sunday’s third round with the eight-time winners.

While the Spurs, fourth in the Premier League, could seek the services of World Cup winner Hugo Lloris and England captain Harry Kane, if needed, the One North West Marine division will include staff, teachers and waste collectors.

It’s the biggest trick at this stage in the history of the famous competition.

“It’s like a dream. We were two minutes out of Barnoldswick Town in the preliminary round,” says Marine Marine fan Barry Lenton.

“Four months later we are getting ready to welcome Tottenham. It is surreal.”

While there is an overwhelming sense of sadness that the greatest opportunity in the Marine’s 127-year history will take place without fans, the excitement is built in Crosby, seven miles north of Liverpool city center, where the Mariners are based.

So what can Jose Mourinho and his players expect when they arrive at the familiar 3,185-capacity Marine Travel Arena, a world away from the top flight of English football?

Pritchards Bookshop in Crosby sells a book for Marine's 125th AnniversarySince the draw, the Pritchards Bookshop in Crosby has reported an increase in demand for a book celebrating Marine 125th Anniversary, published in 2019

From the wedding party to the dressing room

Spurs players are accustomed to stylish lighting, leather seats and personalized locker rooms to hang their kit Tottenham Hotspur Stadium δ 1 billion Home.

This weekend they will change into a room that has a bar and, at regular hours, is hired for weddings and birthday parties.

Mourinho will deliver his group speech the Arriva Suiteexternal link instead of the locker room due to social distance rules and the size of Tottenham’s trip.

The event hall, which has a capacity of up to 150, was closed for most of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Including disco and security, it costs £ 220 for an all-day wedding in the room.

The Arriva Suite at the Marine Football Club, which will be used by Tottenham players as a dressing room for the third round of the FA Cup between teams at the Marine Travel ArenaTottenham players will switch to the Arriva Suite, which is commonly used as a function room

It has been transformed into a dressing room for visitors, which could include England midfielder Dele Alli and the club’s record εκατο 55 million, signed by Tanguy Ndombele.

“Marine is a volunteer community club full of character and history,” says Leary, a qualified accountant who describes his role at the club as “love work”.

“We will ensure that everything is right and proper for Tottenham.”

A graphic to show the difference between Marine Travel Arena and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

“Five Star” Lunch Boxes

The Sailor was is run by Roly Howard between 1972-2005 – recorded in Guinness Book of World Recordsexternal link as the longest reign in football – and the history of the club, founded in 1894, is proudly presented in the conference room at the back of the main pavilion.

Prior to the pandemic, visiting managers could assist in the meeting room buffet. “You are not allowed to do that these days,” adds Leary.

Instead, Tottenham president Daniel Levy and his travel party will be presented with “five-star” lunch boxes prepared and packaged separately.

The Marine Football Club off-league meeting room hosting Tottenham Hotspur in the third round of the FA CupAccess to the Marine meeting room will be limited to 12 people per game day due to social distance rules

“We’ll clean the carpet, too,” says Lirry, pointing to the gray floor in the meeting room.

“Being able to say at Tottenham ‘Welcome to the Marine Travel Arena’ will be very special not only for myself but also for our committee and the many volunteers who work extremely hard.

“There will be no other time like this.”

A flag on Marine ground away from home in CrosbyMarine fans released a FA Cup song, while UK supporter Scott Reece sent a special draw banner

“Do you want a glass of red, Jose?”

The compact Marine Travel Arena is approximately 1.6 km away. From the beach, where Sir Antony Gormley’s is housed iron statues, on College Road and is surrounded by shops, cafes and businesses, many of which are advertised in the club program.

Marine is located in the heart of the community, organizing and delivering food boxes to vulnerable people.

Inside the triangular ground is a main base with 389 seats.

A ticket to the FA Cup draw between Marine and Tottenham Hotspur in the third round of the FA CupMarine received permission to allow 500 fans to draw before the site was placed in the third tier at the end of December

Both boats are located under a narrow courtyard just behind the houses on Rossett Road, with fencing numbered along the side so boys and girls know which door to knock on if the ball lands in a garden.

For the last round v. Havant & Waterlooville, who also played behind closed doors, several homeowners were seen climbing trees and looking over walls and fences to watch.

“They are just a few meters away, close enough to give Jose a glass of red wine,” laughs Lyri.

Lenton, who has watched more than 2,000 Marine Games since 1964 and collected the club’s 125th anniversary book, added: “It will be very different from what Tottenham are used to, but I think they will be impressed by the facilities.

“We are known in non-league circles and we love each other very much. People like Marine because it is a friendly club.”

The away boat at the Marine Travel Arena, which hosts Marine FC, the home team that hosts Tottenham Hotspur in the third round of the FA CupJose Mourinho to sit on opposition bench just behind Rossett Road

“He is not far from me”

Tottenham fans have created a lot GoFundMe Pagesexternal link to help raise money for Marine who have started a Virtual ticket 10 £ with a draw to regain some of the potential 100 100,000 they will lose from the fact that there would be no fans and they would lose sponsorship.

By Wednesday they had sold more than 5,400 virtual tickets, while one The US-based Spurs fan blogexternal link has raised enough money to fund the shorts for the draw.

Hundreds of half souvenir scarves, designed by Crosby-born fashion businessman George Davis, have been sold online. Former Liverpool and England defender Jamie Carragher, who lives in the city, supports boats and warm-up tops through JC23 Foundation.external link

Despite the absence of supporters, Leary hopes that the global interest in a draw will attract new fans to the club, whose average turnout in the 2019-2020 league was 446.

The press box at the Marine Travel ArenaMatches at the Marine House usually attract two people to the media. There will be at least 24 for the Spurs to draw

Since designing Spurs, Marine has sent media inquiries from Russia, Australia and Thailand, and Everton boss and Crosby resident Carlo Ancelotti has sent his local team a message of good luck – as well as a invitation to Mourinho.

“I have to invite Mourinho for a drink after the game, if that is possible – he is not far from me,” said the former Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich boss.

“I have to talk to him about the beach and the nice area that Crosby is in.”

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