Egypt’s unreal ‘snowy’ mountains become a tourist hit

(CNN) – It is not uncommon for images of people playing in snowy landscapes and gliding under icy mountains, but one crucial thing made these snaps stand out.

They were shot in Egypt.

Located on the edge of the arid, sandy Sahara Desert, the Middle Eastern country rarely experiences rainfall, let alone snow.

But instead of showing a sudden winter season in Egypt, these images show an unexpected tourist attraction created by the salt processing at Port Fouad, located at the northern end of the Suez Canal.

The salty mountains of Port Fuad have become a tourist attraction after pictures of people sliding on them. Egyptians flock to the unique spot from various parts of the country to enjoy the scenery.

Some even try to ski on them.

“Therapeutic properties”

The salt mountains have recently attracted crowds.

Mohamed Wardy

Egyptian photographer Mohamed Wardany told CNN that the Salt Mountains are accessible by ferry via the Suez Canal to the Salt City.

Wardany says his photographs of the mountains are part of an ongoing project to look at Egypt from a different angle, shedding light on overlooked tourist and cultural sites such as the Pyramids.

Characterized by their clear and bright white color, Wardany says the mountains look like snow-capped peaks at the North Pole.

And while they may not have icy temperatures, they are obviously no less refreshing. Salt has healing properties and its living room has the ability to clear negative energy from the body, says Wardany.

The photographer recommends visiting the Salt Mountains during the winter to create a truly icy atmosphere.

The salt that forms the mountains is collected when seawater is collected in swimming pools in Port Fouad and evaporates in sunlight.

And there is a winter connection. According to Reuters, the salt is exported to colder countries and used to melt ice.

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