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The Daily Wizard plans your perfect day in a Twin Cities neighborhood so you don’t have to.

Dinkytown is full of character. Proudly, a University of Minnesota neighborhood is an ever-changing neighborhood with old and new businesses to protect themselves.


Gray’s Dinkytown: In December, the Loring Bar and Restaurant was refurbished as a café and casual dining area now known as Gray’s. Stop for a quick cup of coffee – Gray’s offers Bootstrap Coffee Roaster’s Blue Collar Blend, a local toast that is sweet and smooth – or relax with a cup of tea in one of their plush chairs and stay for a while.


The Book House: There is something extremely special about being among the old books in a bookstore: the smell, the silence of a graphic store, the welcoming smile of a bookstore (or the supposed smile under a mask). This used bookstore in Dinkytown has been a neighborhood institution since 1976, offering a huge collection of used books and a not-so-huge, but still worth collecting, vinyl collection. Book House currently offers scheduled tour appointments instead of drop-in, and you can book online through their website.

I eat

Al’s Breakfast: This Dinkytown base currently operates a 14th Avenue dinner-only function. While we wait for them to reopen for dinner, order José for brunch – one or two poached eggs and homemade salsa covered with melted cheddar over a lovely bed of crisp hashbrowns. Dinner offers warmth and a rich meal, whether through classic pancakes, scrambled eggs or coffee.

Umami Fries: If it were up to me, I would eat potatoes with every meal. In Umami Fries, this is the name of the game. With 10 signature fry options and four signature burgers, the combination and matching options for some much-needed carb loading are endless. Maybe you are looking to kick your palate with a little spice. if this happens, try the wasabi potatoes. For a crunchy and spicy addition to your lunch, try the kimchi burger. Do not miss the taco options inspired by Asia

Wally’s: Wally specializes in hot pie, rich chicken shawarma and enough falafel to last you a lifetime. Get into their creamy hummus and don’t forget to get some baklava for the road.


Kung Fu Tea: Stop at Kung Fu to limit the desire for afternoon boba. The tea shop is located behind the Dinkytown Target and offers a wide variety of reliable teas and toppings.


The Knoll: Located between University Avenue, East River Road, Pleasant Street and Pillsbury Drive, you will find students and locals creating hammocks, studying or playing a friendly Spikeball game. On the hottest days, it is a place where you can watch people of high quality and socially remote. Get your lunch and a good book and enjoy the green space on campus.

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