Books and studying make for a colourful mixture: Solar Messages

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio – When the clouds are dull white and cover a layer of light gray … when the ground is wet and brown-green … when the temperature bites through a light coat and decides your nose may soon be covered with frost – all this means it is winter in Cleveland.

Piles of what I called “dirty snow” as a little girl adorn the lawn. People are waiting for the winter in Cleveland for your next move. We can succumb to the gray and let the weaknesses fall. Or we can take our potential palette and engrave the landscape in our minds with a refreshing, refreshing color.

It is not that the light gray and the dull white do not have their own intense beauty. it ‘s just that we want more. And with a little muscle power fueled by imagination, this canvas of winter resemblance can be injected with new life.

Book Learning: I was thrilled to learn that a Hillcrest neighbor wrote a children’s book, definitely a way to light up new lives – and a way to let her own creativity shine. An artist also participated. Stories of creative incubation, collaboration and event are stories I never get tired of.

Highland Heights’ Kim Weybrecht wrote “Daisy Takes a Ride.” It is available for purchase at

The email interview is reproduced here with nominal editing:

Q: Kim, what led you to write this children’s book?

I loved telling stories to my children when they were younger. After hearing the story about Daisy, my daughter told me that she liked it so much that it should be a book.

Q: Without putting an end to it, what is the mission you hope for readers, younger and older?

I hope the reader will find a sense of adventure, but also that the house is where the heart is.

Q: Have you written other children’s books – or works for another audience – before?

This is my first book!

Q: Did you write – and also illustrate? If you used an illustrator, describe how you worked together.

I wrote the book and I was lucky enough to find Morgan Spicer to illustrate the book. Since he lives abroad, we did a lot of emails back and forth. We had deadlines to meet and we cooperated well. It was a fun process, with a bit of stress here and there.

Q: Reading is a basic practice for all of us. What do you hope to encourage younger readers?

I hope they encourage them to enjoy reading. I hope he gets a book and reads it because they enjoy it and not because it is required. I think Daisy’s story will catch their eye and they will invest in her story and what happens to her.

Q: On another topic: Do you have a specific treatment during COVID-19 that you recommend to others?

Getting out is the best way I can find out. Hiking trails on the subway or even walking through the neighborhood. Cooking or baking with new recipes. It takes time to read different types of books.

Correction: Weybrecht’s surname Kim had a misspelling in last week’s Sun Messenger. We apologize for the mistake.

One-way traffic: From Hillcrest resident Julie Smith, I received a wise summary of something to look out for as we try to use what I call the “COVID Etiquette.”

He wrote: “I just read your post … in which you mention (your idea) for a column” Etiquette “. I have had mostly positive experiences – seeing most people wear their masks (albeit sometimes incorrectly) and being polite to those around them.

“But I have a pee for pets. At the grocery store where I shop … there are signs, floor markers and frequent announcements asking buyers to travel only one way on the aisles. Almost no one seems to pay attention to this, which I find insignificant and extremely annoying. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. “

I like the proportion of one-way driving. Get to know the road before accelerating! No turns. Wise advice and reassurance also from a valuable reader.

Congratulations: Lyndhurst Maria Brown on the Dean’s List at Belmont University for the Fall 2020 semester. Eligibility is based on a minimum load of 12 hours and an average grade of 3.5, with no grade below C.

About 55 percent of Belmont students this semester qualified for the Dean’s Fall 2020 list.

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