BHS grad publishes guide on weddings amid COVID

With COVID-19 rates declining and vaccine distribution under way, many couples are wondering if this spring or summer will be the right time to get married in a group setting.

This past year has been difficult for those who found this particular person, with many delaying to celebrate their special day or finding other alternatives due to COVID restrictions

Lauren Jensen, who grew up on Bainbridge Island and graduated from BHS in 1999, recently published a series of books consisting of two guides. Planning a Covid Wedding and Planning a Covid Elopement. According to a news release, the wedding guide helps couples plan using multiple charts and checklists, while the choice guide helps couples decide to steal or micro-wedding.

The Jensen family owned the San Carlos restaurant and catering company for over 30 years on Madison Avenue, where their love of events began. Most recently, she hosted weddings and corporate events at a luxury resort in Bend, OR. In 2019, he was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 38 and now lives without cancer.

After going through the pandemic, he gave Jensen time to think about what to do next. With her confidential knowledge of weddings and events, along with her first experience getting married in 2017, she decided to write two guides to help couples in these turbulent times.

“Being a wedding and event planner for the last four years has been a huge learning experience,” Jensen said. “I have gathered so much information over the years, I felt I had to find couples who are engaged. I decided to take the time to write everything down and include all the ways to navigate Covid during this pandemic.

“Love was the real inspiration to make sure we still have love in a time of uncertainty. It’s all about love in the air and knowing that we will do it together as a family and a community as a whole. ”

The two guides were Jensen’s first posts, following in her father’s footsteps.

“It’s a very satisfying feeling to post and I have my words out there for anyone who needs them,” he said.

Jensen said her main goal was to reach a larger group of engaged couples across the country, not just locally.

“It’s extremely difficult. “Not only does everything change to a penny, but so do event restrictions,” he said. “There are rescheduling, cancellations, overbooked and you can not keep some favorite suppliers due to date changes. This does not even cover families trying to meet through travel, large groups, masks and social distances. It’s already an emotional ride to plan the big day, but COVID made it almost impossible. ”

Although an ideal marriage is a challenge right now, Jensen said couples can still have an unforgettable experience.

“Weddings in 2021 have been made for experience and travel,” he said. “Having very personal moments and memories that they can share with their closest people. When you have fewer people at a wedding, there is more budget for amazing flowers or the best photographer / videographer. ”

Some alternatives to a typical wedding during the pandemic, Jensen said, are to include a live stream, stay out of the social circle for the ceremony, or make the couple have fun now and save the party until COVID rates considered safe. He also told attendees to have their own dishes for appetizers and desserts.

According to the driver of the elopement, “An adventure came when a bride and groom ran away from their families to get married secretly. This evolved slowly into the modern couple bringing only a few close friends or family members. ”

“Right now, the difference between a wedding and a wedding is narrowing in the number of visitors,” Jensen said. “It would be an adventure if they had 15-20 visitors or less (it usually depends on the venue to design the line). It is up to the couple to decide what can be achieved about their situation. If a couple is adventurous but relaxed it is probably the type of marriage they will have. ”

Jensen expects the marriage industry to continue to recover in 2021, stating that some COVID guidelines will still apply depending on where you live.

“Playing by the rules will be the safest bet anyone can make,” he said. “2022 will be a great year, if you have not already booked your date, you could consider 2023 for space availability.”

As for future editions, Jensen said she plans to redesign the books and publish new editions once the pandemic is over. Copies of both guides are available locally at Bay Hay and Feed. Jensen also talks to some other places on the island where guides can be offered. People can get signed copies of the books if they order them through the Jensen website. Books are also available on Amazon.

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