Bernacchi Publishes Guide to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

After a year of working and studying remotely, many people are ready to step out from behind their computer screens and spend some time in nature.

Those interested in exploring the beautiful countryside can visit the lesser-known Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, about an hour east of Fresno. Many go for the famous wildflower bloom, but if you’re not sure where to start, take Leigh Bernacchi ‘s recently published guide “Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park: Hiking, Camping, Waterfalls & Big Trees” (Moon, 2021) and click road and trail.

Bernacchi is program director at UC Merced’s Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and staff researcher at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI). Hailing from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Bernacchi worked as a nature lover in Sequoia, Denali and Yosemite National Parks before joining campus in 2015. He is interested in the intersection of public participation, natural resources and wildlife – searches and this travel guide.

“This book is a love letter to members of our valley community to go out and experience the stunning beauty of these wild parks at all times,” said Bernacchi. “Whether hiking solo or with friends, with my grandmother or my child, I have been researching this book for several years to create every itinerary and experience. There is something for everyone and it is so close to UC Merced. “

Sequoia and Kings Canyon boast the highest peaks in the 48 lower states – Mount Whitney – and Giant Sequoias, including General Sherman, the largest living creature in the world. The geological wonders carved by the Kings River range from granite with huge crystals to metamorphoses. Waterfalls and green meadows fill every valley. Bernacchi has spent time at Sequoia & Kings Canyon as a ranger, tourist and mom.

Her book is full of suggested itineraries, hiking guides, cabin suggestions and more. With limited Wi-Fi access and a mobile phone, it is wise to have the Bernacchi book available when traveling to Sequoia & Kings Canyon.

Those interested in learning more can find Bernacchi’s book here.

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