Assessment: Truefree 2 VS Truengine 3SE | Go finances or boujee? 

ONEPple AirPods hit the scene for many friends in 2016, and since then the wireless headset market has exploded, along with cheaper alternatives offered by competitors such as Soundpeats.

TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 packing sleeves

Digital Walker, the country’s largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories, recently launched two of the company’s top products, the Truefree 2 and Truengine 3SE, at #TeamOutOfTown for review. Here we believe (honestly):

First impressions

Complete disclaimer: I was always a little outdated in terms of new technology trends – I bought an iPhone 6S Plus in 2018 when the talk of the town was the latest iPhone XRs and XSs. Now the rage has to do with wireless headphones and, thanks to my author, Melo, I will finally try them.

Soundpeats TRUEFREE 2 Gadget ReviewSoundpeats TRUEFREE 2 Gadget Review

The Soundpeats boxes that were delivered to me a few days ago were a curiosity for someone who can’t leave her wired boxes. On the side of the sleek, simple package was a poster saying the units were designed “for urban sports”, so the first thing I did was tilt and shake my head repeatedly (like crazy) to see if it would fall. No.

Soundpeats TRUENGINE 3SE reviewSoundpeats TRUENGINE 3SE review

The headphones felt a little heavier than I expected and looked well built. The Truengine 3SE features a retro sound equipment look that comes with a matte charging case while the Truefree 2 is more of a fixed standard unit enclosed in ABS plastic with a glossy finish.

Also, I have no complaints about the sound quality and the rubber ear tips sit comfortably in my ears.

What’s in the box?

TRUENGINE 3SE inclusionTRUENGINE 3SE inclusion

Inside the Truengine 3SE is 1 Soundpeats Truengine 3SE unit, 1 USB charging cable, 6 interchangeable ear tips, 1 charging case and 1 user manual.

TRUEFREE 2 inclusionTRUEFREE 2 inclusion

On the other hand, the Truefree 2 Comes with 1 Soundpeats Truefree 2 unit, 1 Type-C charging cable, 6 alternating headphones, 1 charging case and 1 user manual.

How To Pair Wireless Soundpeats

Remove the headphones from the charging case. After that, the left LED will turn white and the right LED will flash red and white alternately with a voice prompt that says “Pair” indicating that the headset has entered pairing mode.

Turn on Bluetooth on your device and select the Soundpeats unit to connect to. The right LED will stop flashing with a “Connected” voice message.

Full specification

Truengine 3SE Truefree 2
  • Waterproof level
  • Control method
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth version
  • Maximum working range
  • Play time per charge
  • Headphone charging time
  • Case charging time
  • Earbud power capacity
  • Charging case capacity
  • Earbud dimension
  • Charging case dimension
  • Frequency response range
  • IPX5
  • Touch control
  • No
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 33feet / 10m (no obstacle)
  • About 6 hours
  • About 3 hours
  • About 2.5 hours
  • 50m
  • 500mah
  • 23.5 * 20 * 24.6 mm
  • 72.5 * 42 * 34 mm
  • 20-20000Hz
  • IPX7
  • Button control
  • No
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 33feet / 10m (no obstacle)
  • About 4 hours
  • About 2 hours
  • About 2 hours
  • 3.7V / 43mah
  • 3.7V / 380mah
  • 27.7 * 20.8 * 24.9 mm
  • 71.8 * 37.8 * 32.4 mm
  • 20-20000Hz

Common advantages

  • The exclusive earplugs of both headphones offer a custom fit that prevents the headphones from falling off
  • Both have convenient LED battery life indicators on the handset and charging case
  • Both offer direct pairing on an Android or iOS device
  • Both offer good sound quality and crystal clear premium performance
  • Both offer strong high bit rate signal
  • Both come in a small charging case just 1.03 inches wide, 0.84 inches deep and 0.8 inches thick.
  • Both are light at 3.2-3.98 ounces
  • Both have an IPX rating for protecting the headphones from water and sweat damage.

Frequent weaknesses

  • Poor noise isolation
  • Limited color options

Reasons to choose Truengine 3SE over Truefree 2


Both TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 offer a safe, ergonomic application.Both TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 offer a safe, ergonomic application.

Featuring retro-punk aesthetics that have a prominent position of two round interiors encased in transparent plastic and embossed gold logo, Truengine 3SEThe design looks and feels more mature than Truefree 2.

Battery life

There is about 6 hours of play per charge at Truengine 3SE compare to Truefree24 hours of play per charge.

Control method

While the control button on Truefree 2 is very intuitive, the sensitive touch control on Truengine 3SE can effectively reduce the pain of using headphones

Sound quality

SoundPeats Wireless Earbuds audio game testSoundPeats Wireless Earbuds audio game test

With the support of the latest QCC3020 chipset, the Truengine 3SE ensures low power consumption and stable connectivity at the same time. It also has dual dynamic guides which is a combination of titanium coated speaker and composite speaker with aperture.

Reasons to choose Truefree 2 over Truengine 3SE

TRUENGINE 3SE provides a better wear experience by upgrading dual dynamic drivers and a microphone for superior soundTRUENGINE 3SE provides a better wear experience by upgrading dual dynamic drivers and a microphone for superior sound


The Truefree 2 retail at normal price P2,990 while the Truengine 3SE retail at normal price P3,990.

The built-in 6mm TRUEFREE 2 aperture guide incorporates fine tuning with excellent clarity and low distortion.  JpgThe built-in 6mm TRUEFREE 2 aperture guide incorporates fine tuning with excellent clarity and low distortion

IPX rating

The Truefree 2 It has an IPX7 rating, which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes – making it truly a waterproof device ideal for extreme sports. Meanwhile, the Truengine 3SE has an IPX5 rating, which can withstand prolonged low pressure exposure.


The Truengine 3SE provides a better wear experience by upgrading dual dynamic drivers and a microphone for superior sound while Truefree 2The integrated 6mm bio-composite aperture guide transmits fine sound with excellent clarity and low distortion.

In essence, both Truengine 3SE and Truefree 2 to give you the value of your money. The batteries are long lasting and the sound quality of both headphones is comparable to the more expensive options on the market. What really stands out is your taste.

Price and availability in the Philippines

Soundpeats Truengine 3SE and Soundpeats Truefree 2 are available at select Digital Walker, Beyond the Box stores nationwide. Buy your own P1890 for Truefree 2 and P2990 for Truengine 3SE. For more information, visit

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