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The founding family of Enchanting Travels went to Mexico in the fall and shares their experience…

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Author: Vineeta Laxminarayan

“Nine months without getting on a plane made us itch to spread our wings and fly and we decided to let go of the fear and head to Mexico for a Thanksgiving break. My daughters, my husband and I headed to Mexico City and the Plain for the week and we were very happy to go!

The precautions taken by the airlines on flights to and from Mexico and even Mexico were of the highest quality and gave us confidence that everything would be fine. Upon arrival in Mexico City, our Enchanting Travels guide not only cleans the car door handles, but also our shoes and hands. The whole vehicle had been disinfected before picking us up and was clean. Our guide Juan wore gloves and a mask and encouraged us to do the same. We had our masks, but gloves were not required. The car was equipped with hand sanitizer and extra masks for our use. We felt very comfortable and safe.

Colorful flags over Mexico City

During our trips to Mexico City we noticed that locals take COVID-19 precautions seriously and wore masks at all times. The restaurants and shops made us go to disinfectant baths for our shoes and test the temperatures and they gave us hand sanitizer before entering. Even our hotel room had a small care package as they named it with hand sanitizer, wipes and masks for our convenience.

We enjoyed a half day visit to Teotihuacan and also did a street food tour while in Mexico City. Even when crossing the varied and interesting food and vegetable markets in the City on foot, we were absolutely comfortable thanks to the trust instilled by our guide Roderiguez. The people were warm and welcoming and left us some beautiful memories not to mention the wonderful cuisine. Who would have thought that there were hundreds of different types of salsa? And what we consider Mexican food here in the US is so limited compared to the richly sophisticated flavors available there. We tried everything, from fresh fruits and vegetables to cold cuts and animals and each one was more enjoyable than the previous one, quite awakening for our palette!

Edible flowers on the street benchesTrying bugs for the first time.Huevos Rancheros for breakfastElote, or Mexican roasted cornElote, or Mexican roasted corn

We watched this with a few days of rest and relaxation in Cabo San Lucas and again the vehicle that picked us up at the airport has been completely disinfected and our driver followed the same routine of disinfecting the car door handles, shoes and hands. He wore a mask all the time as well.

The Nobu Hotel was impressive. The whole design and theme was to bring the exteriors indoors so that the lobbies were open and the rooms had huge balconies overlooking the ocean. Again, the hotel recommended taking COVID-19 precautions, such as using a mask when in restaurants or near people that everyone did without complaint. The time on the beach made us feel free and gave us the determination to return to the US and face the terrible situation again.

What I learned from this experience is that with a few precautions from us, the airlines, the staff of Enchanting Travels and the hotels we stayed on our trip were safe and enjoyable and we are ready to plan more trips in the new year. Thank you Magical Trips for making our trip SUCCESSFUL! “

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