AASL’s guide to learning centers for school libraries

CHICAGO – Published by AASL and ALA, Maura Madigan’s book “Learning Centers for School Libraries” presents innovative, engaging and fun ideas to target AASL National School Library standards and content area standards. It contains almost everything needed to create learning centers in a school library. The ideas are flexible and can fit at different levels of degree and course duration. Suggestions for working with teachers in the classroom are also included. Part of the AASL-based learning series, this book offers:

  • Detailed instructions for both the teacher and the trainee and for all the necessary leaflets, including instructions and worksheets. The reader can use the book to create centers quickly and easily. Some centers only require photocopies and basic materials to get you started.
  • Instructions for creating interdisciplinary centers targeting AASL and other content area standards. A dashboard is provided that allows teachers to create centers that address specific standards or content areas. Distance learning centers are also identified.
  • Suggestedmodificationsfor struggling and advanced students, as well as ideas for collaborating with other teachers. These opportunities expand the potential audience beyond elementary school students.

Madigan is a school librarian in Fairfax County, Virginia. He worked in education for more than 25 years in the US, South Korea, Japan and the UAE, including two years in a school reform program for the Abu Dhabi Education Council. He often attends learning centers and problem-based conferences. Her work has appeared in School Library, The Travel 100, Oasis Living Magazine and Effective School Librarianship: Successful Professional Practices by Librarians Around the World.

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