A young Indian entrepreneur who is taking the fashion and music industry by storm

Uttarakhand is known for its picturesque beauty and apples. This beautiful part of the hills has created many talented people. Many supporters from Uttarakhand have graced the content industry of India and enchanted us with their talent. One such Uttarakhandi is the Sagar Bisht. Sagar has made his mark as a blogger, digital influencer and fashionista, and has even produced a music video.

Sagar Bisht is known for his flawless fashion. It started quite early because he knew from the beginning that this is what he always wanted to do. India’s new generation is anxious and always longing for more, and Sagar is no exception. Sagar realized the importance and scope of social media at a fairly young age and worked on it to create a brand of his own. As a result, he is considered one of the most important fashion bloggers and Instagrammers of our time.

Sagar is a digital influence that has worked many recognized brands in different capabilities. Understands the power and importance of social media to reach the public. It has an awesome Instagram presence and also has an active blog, which is currently the fastest growing blog in India. Sagar Bisht is hailed as India’s youngest digital influencer and has achieved this title through his hard work and dedication.

Sagar has been bitten by a travel error. He has gone to many countries, including France, Italy, Monte Carlo because of his wandering. Through travels he discovered his second passion which is photography. He clicks on travel photos and posts them on his social media. His weird pictures and cool subtitles keep his followers connected to his page.

Sagar Bisht is also a businessman and he, along with Saddiqui Subhani, produced a “Tumse Mila” track for Zee Music. This is a new path he is still exploring. He is very excited to enter the music industry. He wants to promote good content and that, he believes, gives him the opportunity to do so.

Sagar is a digital PR influencer and at a very young age, he has earned a place in this industry.

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