A Visual Guide to Waterbury’s Drive-Thru Vaccination Site

I got my first vaccine for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in Waterbury this morning. I took photos throughout my trip to show you what interests you and give you some helpful tips if you choose to get vaccinated.

I became age-appropriate by Connecticut standards a few weeks ago. I have registered for the vaccine through it CDC VAMS Website (Vaccine Management System) and first made an appointment in Shelton, CT in June. I booked the June appointment and found that every day after that, more appointments opened almost every hour and much closer to home.

On the 4th day of my endeavor, a whole bundle was opened in the mass vaccination area of ​​the University of Waterbury Hospital and I managed to make an appointment for my wife and I for this morning, March 29, 2021, at 8 a.m. I took pictures of what would happen next.

Every vaccination step in Waterbury

I really did not feel the shot, I just felt a slight burning sensation when the vaccine was injected, Ms. Large had the same experience. So far, 6 hours after taking my first dose, I feel perfectly fine. They advise you while waiting in the parking lot after taking to get some Tylenol in case you feel any side effects. I will update this article if anything changes.

The Danbury Bennigan building falls

Bennigan’s Restaurant was closed for many years in Danbury, Connecticut, but the building remained empty. Hat City residents had to look for a long time at a prominent location at 106 Federal Road. Today, (3/23/21) the building was demolished and I-95 was there to watch it and it takes these exclusive images.

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