A Summer Journey” is a modern coming of age tale about unlikely companions and the summer they spent together.

J. Gottshall has completed his new book “The Wanderers: A Summer Journey”: a moving story of love, loss, fear and hope.

Gottshall writes: “The need to go somewhere, or to escape something, will bring with it six incredible travel companions for a summer road trip abroad. The summer trip will take them from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, from Texas to New England, from a small community in Nevada to the busy streets of New York. It will offer opportunities to see new places and meet new things.

The journey is how one of the wanderers will spend the rest of his days. The rest of the group will be in a transition period as their lives change.

Their wandering will bring not only change, but also freedom, love, anger, sadness, pain, death, fear and unwanted reputation.

Wanderers will learn from each other to see life differently.

The different group will find that the problem of meeting each other will be one of the easiest challenges of the trip.

They have few destinations and plenty of time to reach them and get into trouble. The journey can be dangerous, as each of the six will learn first hand as they enter and exit deadly situations.

They will see their travel plans change as few things go as expected and unforeseen problems arise.

Wanderers will put aside their problems as they get into a tragedy and help others cope with their grief and pain.

They will explore historical monuments and museums and see their own past, and some will take a surprise from the past.

Wanderers need to remember the future as they head for it. Some of the groups have to make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives and those around them. “

Published by Page Publishing, J. Gottshall’s story offers a new look at what modern teens can face as they venture into the world to find their way in life. With unexpected adventures and dangers, join the wanderers as they try to navigate into adulthood.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, the story in these pages is sure to make you guess.

Readers who want to experience this interesting work can purchase “The Wanderers: A Summer Journey” at bookstores anywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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