A Sixers and Flyers Fan’s Information to the Reopening Wells Fargo Middle

When Flyers and 76ers fans return to the Wells Fargo Center for gaming, starting this Sunday when the Flyers host the Washington capitals, there will be many changes to get used to as a result of the pandemic.

Leave your cash and bags at home. Get ready for specific parking and arrival times. And make sure you have a mask – a real one and not something that replaces it – on your face as soon as you get out of your car.

I had the opportunity to speak with Wells Fargo Center General Manager Phil Laws and he took me step-by-step through the protocol tutorials to be one of the 3,100 fans inside the Flyers and Sixers game building this spring.

Here is the analysis:


“When you get to the arena, a lot of our fans have their own parking lot that they like,” Laws said. “Coming out of here at the end of the night, a lot of people want to be in the D lot, to be there at the gate. Now, they will have a ticket and a location that will have an entrance door, an entrance hour and will correspond to a parking space. “

In other words, if your seats are in the Broad Street arena, you will probably park in C as you enter and enter Broad street, you will park in C lot. If you come to the entrance of 11th Street (the side facing the Lincoln Financial Field) you will park in E or F lot.

“All this was done to make the intersection and walk out of the arena as low as we could,” Laws said.

Masks – all the time

“Once you get out of the car, your mask is required,” Laws said. “This is a big part of the security plan we presented to the state and the conversations we had with the city.”

And with masks, Laws means a real mask, either a medical mask or a fabric mask that covers your nose and mouth. You can not wear leggings or bandana.

Health perimeter

As you approach the building you will come across a health perimeter, which is basically a covered awning area.

In this area of ​​the tent, there will be a quick PPE check to make sure you have the equipment you need and you will be asked to respond to a quick symptom check.

These are the same questions we are used to answering and all the symptoms will be reported. There will be 4-5 questions. After that, you are in a pipeline with a distance indicator and you walk to the doors of the building, where you will pass through the security gates.

Bags are not allowed

With the exception of a medical insulin bag, for example, or a diaper bag, bags will not be allowed in the building.

This includes bags and wallets.

“We will allow the so-called female clutch to be x-rayed, as coded in the league guidelines, but this is basically a big wallet,” Laws said. “Anything that is a bag or real wallet sizes should be locked in the closet.”

The building has lockers to leave bags while you are inside the building, so if you come straight to the game after work and have a laptop bag, which can also be placed in the locker.


Once you are safe, go to the ticket scanner, which is a little different than usual. He is a reader on a base basis and your digital ticket (without physical tickets) will be scanned. A staff member who is away from you will be able to tell if the ticket is valid and will take you to the arena.

Food and beverage

“Food and drink have been a big question mark for a long time,” Laws said. “We did not know what it would look like. But it is a big part of the experience. Despite all the protocols, the experience is still supposed to be fun, right? “

At the moment, the Wells Fargo Center will have 12 different stops open with about 85 points of sale, which is a very good ratio for this number of fans.

All queues will be highlighted and socially removed. If there is no more margin on the line, there is a break and there will be a side line with a staff member holding you up until the main line is deleted – just to make sure not everyone enters.

Bars and restaurants remain closed. All tables and chairs will be removed, so no one is tempted to sit there.

Food and drink are only permitted for consumption at your ticket location, nowhere else.

The only time you can remove your mask is when you sit in your seat and eat or drink actively.

“We will have some PSAs for fans to watch, because it may be a little gray and it is a policy we will implement,” Laws said. “We want to make sure we are ahead of what we expect of everyone.”

Non-contact payment

All you need now is your phone. Or a credit card if you have not saved it on your phone.

“All payments this year are cashless,” Laws said. “We have upgraded all our credit card portals, so if you want to use Apple Pay or Google Wallet – these are now acceptable at the kiosk. We also have a brand new mobile ordering application located. It will not be available in all locations, but both sides of the building will be covered. Club box and suite fans will be able to book in advance.

“Scan the QR code, get the menu, place your order and you do not have to wait in line, just come and pick it up when it is ready. This is something we wanted to do anyway, it is a system that will be developed and will become an important part of the concession business that is progressing “.


All levels of the Center will be available to the public except the Balcony level, which includes the Meeting Room and the Sports Book. This area is used to house house staff, including off-duty officials and the media.

(I was told it was best not to fall asleep at one of the Chesterfield Couches.)

Fans will be allowed to sit in groups of two or four at the Main Concourse level and at the Mezzanine. The luxury boxes can accommodate up to six guests.

How close you sit will be different for the NBA and the NHL.

For the NBA, fans must be 30 feet away from the court.

For the NHL, the rear window for benches and penalty boxes has been removed, so things have changed a bit.

If you are in the rays, you will be able to be a little closer – 12 feet from the glass. If you are in those areas where there was rear glass for players, you will be at least 25 feet tall and there will be a new plexiglass wall that usually does not exist.

Therefore, the field in which Gritty played, will leave.

“Gritty will find a new hijinx to come in,” Laws said.


The stores will operate under the guidance of the retailer in the city of Philadelphia, which according to Laws is 20 people per 1,000 square feet. This limits the crowd to about 30 people at a time in stores with one line out.

Expansion of the crowd down the road

I asked Laws if the goal was to expand to even more than 3,100 people later this season – maybe in time for the Flyers and 76ers to make their playoffs run.

“Goal is an interesting word,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. However, the best way I can answer is this: At some point in every space, six feet is six feet and you can no longer put them on indifferently. Well, get out.

We would need the CDC and health officials to come out and say ‘six legs is no longer necessary’. At some point you need it to get the numbers getting bigger. We would like to be there for the playoffs and have a full arena, but we do not know. “

Laws said they have done the calculations, and as long as the six-foot distance remains a requirement, the “cap out” number will have a capacity of between 25-30 percent, so really no more than about 6,200 fans.

For more information on returning fans to the Wells Fargo Center, click here.

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