A Guide To Conquering An Abandoned Mineshaft

Abandoned mineshafts can be incredibly lucrative finds in Minecraft – here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Early in your survival journey, one of the best structures you can find in the world above Minecraft is an abandoned mineshaft. Not only are they relatively easy to find, going underground and walking through caves, but they are also incredibly common. Sometimes, it is even possible to find multiple mineshafts in a single structure.

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The mineshafts are a surprisingly good structure because of how big they are and how many ores they have the opportunity to expose. At the beginning of any survival world, it is an ideal place for some first game loot, experience points and even for an adventure. However, if you are playing with more difficulty or are new to the game, there are a few things to prepare for before moving on.

Finding a mineshaft

Minecraft mineshaft in the ravine

The first trick is to really find a mineshaft. These structures, in general, are not so complicated to find. Where there are caves, there is a possibility of a mineshaft, so find yourself a cave that overflows deep into the ground and follow it for as long as you can. If you find cobwebs and random wooden planks, you will find what you are looking for.

Biome Minecraft Badlands

If you are lucky enough to give birth near or in a biomass of badlands, the task will be ten times easier. Badlands biotomists breed mineshafts at surface level, which means they can be spotted from a distance when you walk. Usually, spiders and wooden structures are indicative signs of an abandoned mineshaft. Badlands versions also have more gold ore.

Growing up

Minecraft inside a mineshaft

Although abandoned mineshafts are one of the easiest structures to deal with, they still flock to crowds and possibly lava, so you will want to go prepared to avoid death away from your breeding ground and lose all your belongings.

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Minecraft player with shield and sword

You do not need enchanted weapons or tools to conquer an abandoned mineshaft. In fact, a stone or iron sword will do very well. Combine it with a shield, which will help you against a horde of mobs if you flock. An arch is not really suitable for narrow aisles with a mini axle.


Minecraft iron armor on the player

You will want to have at least some type of armor before entering. Leather, chainsaws and irons are all great choices. Leather armor is probably the easiest to find in shipwrecks or killing cows and then make it yourself. However, full iron shielding will give you the best and cheapest early protection.

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Minecraft Breasts with steaks and pork

To survive hours of adventure and caves, make sure you prepare plenty of food. At this point in the game, it is unlikely that you will have other consumables such as filters or gold food. If so, do not hesitate to bring them together. Having a stack of 20 foods, such as steaks or pork, is the best approach.

Other needs

Minecraft torches and is placed around the player

Since abandoned mineshafts are deep underground, you will want to bring stacks on torch stacks to illuminate your path. This will also ensure that the mobs stop playing.

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Bring your regular tools, such as a spade for ores and axes for wood, so you can use natural wood planks to create more lens sticks. You can also bring a bucket of water in case you come across a lava lake.

Facing the spiders of the cave

Minecraft spawn spawner

The hardest part of conquering an abandoned mineshaft is not finding one or fighting some of the regular mobs such as zombie variants, skeletons and climbing plants. The challenge comes from the unique mob of spiders that inhabit these mineshafts. There may be a number of cave spawners scattered around them, usually trapped in many cobwebs.

Minecraft spider spawner

You have two choices regarding the actual spawner itself: either you destroy the spawner and get experience points, or you clear the area around it and place lenses to stop the spawner from working. This way you can use it later for experience points, although spiders are difficult to breed due to their small size and ability to climb walls.

There are still some ways for a spider to work. Spider caves, in particular, are the easiest farmers to start early games, as most of them are often born close to each other. For a good seminar on cave spider breeding, see Kmond’s tutorial on a simple design.

Small cobwebs next to a spider

The spiders in the cave themselves are smaller than normal spiders. They can fit in a single width that is half a square high, which makes them extremely difficult to avoid. They encounter a damaged heart and cause Poison state for 7 seconds on Normal difficulty. In Hard, they deal one and a half damaged hearts and the Poison state lasts 15 seconds. For Easy, they only deal net damage to the value of a heart and do not cause Poison status.

Remarkable Lot

Minecraft diamond inside a mineshraft

Mineshafts are ideal for finding minerals. The treadmills can expose a ton of ores to be easily mined, and can even be revived in full working mineshafts thanks to the abundance of rails already installed. However, there are also many breasts that can be found inside minecarts that are around. Here is the best loot you can find:

  • Name tag: use an anvil to put a name on it and then place it on any vehicle you want to keep it from getting frustrated and see a name floating on them.
  • Beetroot / Melon / Pumpkin Seeds: These are considered rare crops, compared to carrots, potatoes and wheat.
  • Iron / Gold / Lapis lazuli: resources that each player wants and needs can also be mined as ores from the mineshaft corridors.

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The Minecraft book enchanted inside the mineshaft chest

  • Golden apple: a fantastic food source and the result of the state of absorption.
  • Enchanted book: a random enchanted book of any kind, with the exception of Soul Speed.
  • Iron pickaxe: a great find if your pickaxe is going to break and you are stuck in a mine.
  • Enchanted golden apple: a rarer, more unusual version of the golden apple, with enhanced effects.

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