‘72 Reasons to Be Vegan’ Book Will Inspire Your Plant-Based Journey

Aside from its light-hearted and fun character, 72 Reasons to Be Vegan also includes some cold, hard facts about the misinformation that the livestock industry has been feeding the public for decades – and these facts make Stone think will shock readers more. .

“Farmed fish, which some people think is okay, but in fact, if you read the chapter, we explain how bad it is for the environment, bad for the fish – it really is not the answer,” he says.

“Same thing with beef and grass,” Stone continues. “It just means that maybe the cow will see some grass one day. And in fact, it’s even worse, because this poor cow had a little bit of grassy taste and freedom for a second before being taken back. “

It also points to the misconception that caged eggs or free-range eggs come from well-treated hens, when in fact they are just marketing terms – hens still live their short, uncomfortable factory lives. “What we’re really trying to show here is that animals are not doing very well,” he says of the book’s mission.

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