65,700 Users Visited Digital ITB Berlin NOW

From March 8 to 12, 2021, the world’s leading travel show – ITB Berlin – brought the industry together on its new and completely virtual ITB Berlin platform NOW.

Due to the pandemic, about 65,700 users visited the online platform during the five-day event, of which about two thirds (64.5%) came from other countries.

Taking as his motto “The digital meeting for the travel industry. Whenever. Anywhere.“, the trade fair gave the participants a unique virtual meeting place in definitely one of the most difficult times in recent decades.

3,513 exhibitors representing destinations, hotel chains and technology companies from 120 countries used the new format to present their products and services. There was also a strong interest in the media. More than 1,000 media representatives and travel bloggers from 54 countries covered the event live.

80 percent of the participants used the networking opportunities, which included business meetings through individual and group calls, conversations and search for business partners.

During the ITB, the program of events for a total of 265 hours recorded approximately 52,600 participants: Approximately 700 speakers in more than 400 conference rounds, who gave lectures, interviews, and participated in exhibitor presentations and press conferences and gave their views on how the industry can overcome the effects of the pandemic and start a successful recovery. Many companies were creative in their events, for example, the Balearic Islands, which held a live press conference from the port of Palma de Mallorca.

Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin He said, “The last 12 months have shown how important it is for the travel industry to have a platform in these difficult times to be sure of a special meeting place after months of uncertainty and in such a great situation. In particular, there was intense interest in the many networking opportunities that reflect the quality of ITB Berlin NOW users. Four of the five communication requests led to a successful business match. Successful completion of a week of live events demonstrated the added benefits of this virtual solution. For ITB Berlin NOW it’s not over yet. Even after the event, meetings can be scheduled and the content and other features will remain connected until May 31, 2021. For the period of this service, all users can expand their reach even further, find important information and contacts, communicate with each other, evaluate their results and access plan data. At the same time, customers want to return to Berlin next year as usual. “

Looking ahead: the next ITB Berlin 2022 from 9 to 13 March

Next year, ITB Berlin is scheduled to hold a personal event in Berlin from 9 to 13 March 2022. “The experience gained at the ITB Berlin NOW will influence our planning for March 2022. We will take the lessons we will learn and combine them with our many years of experience in organizing personal events,” he said. David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin.

“At the same time, we keep all options open to expand ITB Berlin content and dates with a virtual event. For us, designing a hybrid trade show means the best combination of the key elements of a personal and virtual industrial event. This gives every audience the best opportunity to participate in the trade show and the contract – no matter where they are in the world. “

For the CEO, another reason for optimism was the positive mood among consumers which Statist the institute was confirmed by publishing a joint survey on ITB Berlin NOW. According to the analysis, 70% of respondents plan to travel in 2021 or plan a trip soon. 37% of respondents in Germany make real plans. The findings of a global survey by International IPK from January this year is also a reason to be optimistic about travel in 2021. 62% of travelers worldwide plan to travel abroad this year. For the majority of those who do not intend to travel abroad, the risk of Covid infection outweighs the economic reasons. A combination of vaccines now available and the high willingness of outgoing travelers (90 percent) to get vaccinated has canceled the main reason they do not want to travel, which means that nothing is stopping the industry from recovering rapidly and widely. “How the tourism industry could successfully recover from the crisis has been a major issue in recent days. “After all the bad news in recent months, we are pleased to note that people want to travel again.” Martin Ecknig was added.

The experience of the trade fair continues until May: the new After-Event ticket costs 29 euros

All members of the industry who have not been able to attend ITB Berlin NOW from 8 to 12 March can still access online content by purchasing an After-Event ticket, available from the Ticket Shop at 29 euros. This provides meeting schedules, access to all on-demand videos, as well as press releases and exhibitor presentations, as well as Show Floor, Brand Cards and the press section. The ticket is valid from March 15 to May 31.

This year, the completely virtual event is aimed only at visiting traders, while consumers were able to get inspired for their upcoming holiday by live streaming evening events at the Berlin Travel Festival, a partner event. The program for the public was very well received. In parallel with the run time of the ITB Berlin NOW, four different episodes were broadcast at 7 p.m. every day. The last one is expected today, Friday at 7 p.m. The most popular to date was for Maggie Haselwanter, who tried to travel to New Zealand on her Sunny moped at 30 kph, but who left for Turkey due to the pandemic. Also high on the charts were the panel supervised by Charlott Tornow (Travel Joys), Carlo Speth (Holday Pirates, Luise Morgeneyer (blogger), Timo Kohlenberg (CEO America Unlimited) and Bruno Marti (25hours Hotel) who asked the question “Take a trip But how? ”Brandenburg, a session partner, also offered valuable daily travel tips for the greater Berlin area.

Visions and new ideas for industry at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention

The parallel ITB Berlin Convention, which included high-profile participants and videotaped live on several channels from two Broadcasting studios in the Berlin showrooms, provided a comprehensive orientation for the industry. Under the heading “Review, Renaissance, Restart – Tourism for a Better Situation”, many leading airlines, hotel and cruise industry representatives provided information on best practices, forecasts and visions for the future in lectures and conferences. in rounds of discussions. The global travel industry’s leading think tank has also addressed important issues such as sustainable tourism, the changing face of luxury travel, sales strategies and recovery scenarios, especially in terms of tourist destinations. The conference also covered the most important trends and developments in the rapidly growing Technology, Tours and Activities (TTA) market.

The Virtual Show Floor is the center of the platform

The focus of the ITB Berlin NOW was the Show Floor with exhibitors who together with their exhibitors were able to present their products and services at the so-called Brand Cards. In a total of 13 ITB themed cafes, participants also had the opportunity to exchange views on various industry trends in technology, CSR and LGBT +. With the innovative Discovery Graph and Leadfinder tools, participants were able to make extensive use of smart matching technology. Turn on the speakers and dance – that was the message on Thursday afternoon as thousands of ITB users followed the exclusive appearance of the internationally acclaimed DJ Paul Van Dick via live streaming on the ITB Berlin NOW platform.

First ITB Berlin Travel and Tourism Statement

On the way to the show, the organizers of the contract had asked the CEOs to address the policy makers with calls for action in the context of the challenges facing the industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. ITB Berlin will shortly summarize them in the ITB Berlin Travel & Tourism Declaration and publish them.

The trade show also gave a positive assessment of two exclusive collaborations that each celebrated their debut in their respective roles. Thus, its federal state Saxony was represented as the first official cultural destination at ITB Berlin NOW 2021 and managed to promote the show as an excellent destination for cultural and urban tourism, while offering a unique experience in nature and adventure holidays. Next year, Saxony will be the official host of the largest trade fair in the world. With Agriculture, the show also welcomed its first Digital Adventure and Sustainability Partner. Warns of the beginning of a multi-year partnership. Georgia will be the official cultural destination in 2022 and the official host country in 2023.

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