5 Star Staycation Expertise at Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur

You are looking for a short but amazing walk to the hill station near Bangalore. Next to Chikmagalur, the city known for its coffee, is a short walk from Bangalore, where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature, wander the coffee grounds and have a cup of the famous malnad coffee here in Chikmagalur.

While Chikmagalur is now one of the most popular tourist destinations for many people in the state, domestic tourism has flourished as the unlocking phase has been announced by the government. And one of the best places to stay during your visit to Chikmagalur is Java Rain Resorts.

Luxury resorts in Chikmagalur, nestled in the famous Mullayangiri Hills and offering great views of the Baba Budan Hills, Java Rain Resorts has 20 rich villas offering stunning views of the Chikmagalur Hills. With fog and lush vegetation, you would wake up to the beautiful cool fogs you would only watch here. A weekend getaway from Bangalore or Mangalore, Chikmagalur is ideal for families or nature lovers. The Java rain in Chikmagalur is the epitome of luxury where you will have top amenities and the friendly staff will make your stay enjoyable.

The villas here are named after coffee beans that are Kaffa, Qahva and Fika. Each of the villas has a private bathroom, jacuzzi / open shower or private pool, king size bed with ergonomic mattresses, free Wi-Fi, minibar, personal safe, autonomous air conditioning, large terraces, balcony, coffee / tea maker. Room service, telephone, laundry and 24-hour security. The private pool, fully equipped kitchens are only available in selected villas.

Named after its Ethiopian coffee, Kaffa has a spacious bedroom with a living room and an open shower. Kaffa is ideal for a small family. The deck opens into lush forests. Qahva takes its name from coffee from the Arabs and is ideal for close family and friends. Next is Fika which is the Swedish term for a coffee break (Fika is one of the most important holiday periods in Swedish culture and everyone enjoys this time together in groups). Ideal for families of 8-10 people, Fika is a presidential suite with 3 bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchenette and is the ideal destination for a coffee plantation.

Fika has 3 options, a private pool, jacuzzi and views of the Plantation, which you can check with the team for availability.

During my stay here, I had the opportunity to stay in qahwa and I was fascinated by the beauty of Chikmagalur, the stay here, and the amazing hospitality provided by the hotel management during my stay. He treated me like a king, I did tours in neighboring areas and it was a workout for me.

Facilities at Java Rain Resorts include infinity pool, Elite Spa, personal chefs, ample parking, coffee plantation visits, cooking lessons, outdoor and indoor games. There are 2 in-house restaurants on Java Rain Resorts specializing in both Indian and international cuisine. The restaurants at Java Rain Resorts are Mirra and Crimson Peak. Crimson Peak is one of the best places to eat here, with 360-degree views of the magnificent Chikmagalur Mountains.

With covid-19, the Java rain resorts follow all the precautions imposed by the government and one can stay here without fear of Coronavirus.

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